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Liberty Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/15/2013
I have lived at this apartment complex since 2011 and I can say it is a NICE place to live. It is clean, quiet for the most part and well maintained. The staff is responsive to maintainance requests and very polite. The down fall to this apartment for me was the FACT THAT THEY RAISE YOUR RENT WITH EACH LEASE RENEWAL!!! AND THE INCREASE IS NOT BY $20-$50 BUT BY $100'S. After my first year they suggested an increase, I called and asked about it and STRANGELY (GREAT FOR ME) THEY CANCELED THE INCREASE AND I WAS ABLE TO MAINTAIN MY ORGINAL MOVE IN RATE! - WHICH WAS MUCH APPRECIATED. Also, upon my first renewal (going into my 2nd year) they decided they were no longer including heat in the rent- which is a biggie for me, as pay $1500 per month for rent is already alot. I have decided not to renew for a second time as it the increase this time PLUS HEAT IS SOMETHING I simply cannot afford. I don't see why the increase needs to happen every year. I understand, overall cost of stuff in the world has increased and is increasing but do they INCREASE THE SALARIES OF THEIR STAFF AT THIS RATE? I doubt they do, and so why force the turn over of apartments (which cost more to them each time someone leaves). The building that I live in had about 4-5 turnover (move ins and outs) in the past year alone and now we will be added to that list. Oh yea, when I orginally moved in, the pool was an amenity - FREE, turns out this sUmmer -2013, they charged $25 for a pool pass. My Question is: people seek and choose apartments like these for the pluses (pool, gym, washer/dryer) and then all of a sudden you are now required to pay $25 for a pool pass? I'm sorry, but while the amount is minimal ($25.00), it is the principle that mattered to me. When I orginally moved in the pool was free and now I have to pay- NO, YOU CAN KEEP YOU PASS AND EMPTY POOL (barely any swimmers this whole summer - LIFEGUARDS HAD AN EASY JOB- TANNED, TEXTED ALL DAY - GOOD FOR HER/HIM). I say all that to say, if you are looking for a clean, cozy apartment, you have found one, but it will cost you. Oh YEA- I FORGOT THEY DON'T HAVE CAMERAS - THIS SUMMER- OVER 100 CARS GOT THEIR TIRES SLASHED AND THE COMPLEX DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT!
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Liberty Place Apartments

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