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Liberty Place Apartments



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Dawn fazio • Resident 1998 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/26/2019
I have lived in Liberty Place since day one of them opening it used to be good they've gone through I believe three or four honors since I've been here when I first moved in it was wonderful maintenance was good everything was good management was good now it's an absolute joke there are cats outside multiplying feral cats and they're all over the place now and that's because the past three years about they've changed to their right to their rent to anybody that don't care there's no criteria there's nothing so they're renting to low class people who actually rent an apartment here for I don't know how long and then when they leave they leave the cat behind it's so wrong and I'm stuck now feeding 3 feral cats I've counted 11 and I only feed 3 and actually regret that because there's no end to it management knows about this that they're all over the place and they don't care they're doing nothing at all about it so anybody was going to rent here in your contract I believe it doesn't say that it comes with a bunch of stray cats wandering around begging for food so if you live here I'll plan on moving in make sure you remember that there's going to be all kinds of cats hanging around and that's not cool you know so that's about it management does not care about that or anyting place has gone way down hill it's definitely not worth the money I deal with an upstairs person second floor who you know when he has his kids there it sounds like a stampede from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed this a little children and then not in bed until after 11 at night so I can't sleep and so wrong nothing can be done about that of course cuz you know quiet time at the law is 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. o not go do whatever the hell you want and I think it's wrong have some courtesy for your name is alright a motherfuker sick of this a****** upstairs I'm sick of this I can't stand it and I would move if I could I'm looking believe me I do not recommend this to anybody that wants to keep their sanity and some of the money cuz it's certainly not worth it you can find a better place just have some patience if you can and keep looking don't come here you'll regret it big time so good
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Liberty Place Apartments

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