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Broadway Management Group Incorporated



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/19/2014
Please excuse my english, but i am typing in a hurry. First off, don't believe the address listed above. Broadway Mgmt. Group is based in Louisville, KY. They have two locations. The main office is 1220 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40204 and the second location is at 1734 S. 4th St. Louisville, KY, 40208. Their phone number is (502)584-4400. They changed their address on this site because they get nothing but bad ratings. I have lived in one of their apartments for 5 years and it has been the worst apartment I have ever lived in. There apartment walls are just patched with plaster with a rib-like drywall frame. No ventilation, very slow on maintainance issues (except for Salim, who is a good guy and does the best he can) and usually will not respond to them until you swear at them and/or threaten them with a lawyer. They always have bedbug problems, roach problems, and mice. No matter how often and how well you clean, their places still look dirty. They will rent to anybody and everybody, yet they try to act intimidating during the application process and signing of your lease by threatening eviction for late rent payent (understandable), having a signifigant other occasionally stay over, noise, leaving garbagein hallways, yet they do not enforce any of these rules other than late rent and if they catch you letting someone temporarily live with you. The staff, including Shawna Tilton (who's name is in another review on this site, so I know this is the BMG in Louisville, KY) continuously lie about sending notices about rent increase, dealing with bedbug and roach issues, and emergencies such as water leakes and caved in ceilings. The light bulbs in the outdoor stairwells are constantly broken. If there is an ice storm, they will not salt the sidwalkd, stairs, or their respective alleys (one time leaving a snow slab a block long for almost four weeks, on which a tenant slipped and broke their leg). On top of all of that, you have to deal with bums sleeping, drinking, and urinating around their buildings, (sometimes sleeping AND URINATING in the hallways when they manage to pry the hallway doors open), Bums and neighbors constantly knocking on your door asking for money, cigarretes (or anything that doesn't belong to them) is a regular occurance. I even woke up to somebody trying to pick the lock on my door (my apt is in the courtyard) at 4 am and I had to chase them off with a baseball bat. I have had to resort to wearing sloppy clothes around the area, so people think I am broke. Unless you like shady activity and prison behavior along with people doing anything they can to try and distract you from making something of yourself while being lied to by your landlords, DO NOT RENT FROM BROADWAY MANAGEMENT GROUP!!!!!!!! They are bad people and I am now convinced they were spawned by both ----- and Bernie Madoff. If you are in a position where BMG is your only option, I sincerely wish you the best of luck.
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Broadway Management Group Incorporated

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