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371 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143
371 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

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Broadway Management Group Incorporated



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Resident 2009 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/23/2011
In late June 2011, the apartment I currently rent from Broadway Management was broken into. This was the 9th occurrence of home invasion. I wrote a letter to BMG, which I sent as certified mail to ensure its arrival. The letter stated this: "In its current condition, the apartment (103) in building 315 West Hill St. is completely unsecured. There are several changes that must be implemented. Tenant s rent of said apartment will furthermore be withheld until said changes are made: Porch light fixture fixed and functional All windows able to open and lock, functional Mailbox lockable/ functional Security gate lockable/ functional In the past 12 months, apartment 103 in building 315 West Hill St. has been burglarized approximately nine (9) times, with over $2800 in cash and personal effects stolen. Wednesday, June 29th 2011, another home invasion occurred. This most recent attack resulted in a stolen laptop ($500), Ipod ($399), and a backpack that contained several pricy textbooks and a passport. Broadway Management Group is not being penalized for the actual theft- but Broadway Management Group has a responsibility to make its rental properties secure. In doing so BMG can help prevent such heinous events from transpiring. A fully functional porch light is the first defense in deterring thieves. Located right off an alleyway, the apartment is surrounded by darkness at night. The security gate does not lock at all nor does it have any type of locking device. Anyone strolling down the alley can enter the premises. This is unacceptable. Due to the unsecure gate, the mailbox for the apartment has been tampered with. It has been pried open with a sharp apparatus and no longer locks. Mail has been stolen from the box, including but not limited to, paychecks, electricity bills, and correspondence from Broadway Management Group. The windows of the aforementioned apartment are currently all nailed or drilled shut. There is only one way in and out of the apartment unit and these windows pose a serious, life-threatening fire hazard. They are definitely not up to code. Having the windows in this condition does not deter home intruders either. In fact, on several occasions the windows have been jammed up by intruders; the old wood splitting easily, allowing the windows to open. These preventative measures must be fully enacted before another tenant payment is made." The letter was received in the first week of July, on the 7th. A week later maintenance came by and fixed the outside light fixture and the mailbox. That's all. True to our word, we did not pay the rent because not all problems had been fixed, the most concerning being the security gate lock. My sister, also a tenant, called BMG on July 25th. We had not heard anything from them; not a rent payment late notice, not a letter stating they were going to fix the remaining problems, nothing. She spoke specifically to a guy named Eric. She called and asked if we needed to get a lawyer. Eric said no. He said that they were waiting for the landlords of the actual building because they were the ones that were suppose to fix the gate. He said not to worry and it would be taken care of. Of course that is not the case. Two weeks later we received a court summons, an eviction notice. This eviction notice states that we were given notice to vacate in writing on July 7, 2011 and have not vacated. That never happened. There was no such notice. It was a complete fabrication. After several attempts and messages to get ahold of someone, namely Shawnna Tilton, in the office that could tell us what in the world was going on, we were finally able to reach Eric again. this time e told us something completely different. He said we were suppose to open an escrow account, and pay into that until the apartment problems were fixed. This information came a month too late. I go to court on August 26th, 2011, and will be fighting this eviction.
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Broadway Management Group Incorporated

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