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Sturbridge Meadows Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/17/2007
My Husband & I lived there for a year. We spent 6 months in one of the front apartments & other 6 months in one of the back apartments. The first apt. we were in at Stubridge Meadows was a nightmare. The neighbors next to us were a piece of work. We had to listen to them blare their surround sound on the TV everyday; they had their friends park in our assigned spots (they never once used visitor parking!); we had to listen to them fight close to everynight at midnight especially when they got drunk & they would physically beat each other; we could hear them having sex since the bedrooms were near each other. We constantly were going next door to have their friends move their cars or turn down their surround sound (sometimes both). Everytime they would try to play dump when it came to their friends parking in our spots & then the next day they would be over apologizing saying it won't happen again & it always would. The property manager I would not rate very highly. There hours are 10-5 Mon.-Fri. & she slmost always opens late & leaves early. On average she will open at noon & leave by 2 or 3. When it comes to any flexibility for handing over keys or signing a new lease she makes no exceptions. I don't know how she expects people to make those hours when they work & don't get home till 5:15pm.We never got a copy of our lease & when asked she always said "I'll have it to you within the next day" & we never got it. She is not timely at all!!! When it came time to renew the letter was dated May 15th, we received it on June 15th a week after the deadline. Any notices or things you need to sign are at least 2-4 weeks behind. When it came to the problems with the neighbors she did nothing till we had decided to move. She moved us to an apt. in the back. The back apt. was far more peaceful!!! The neighbors next to us were nice, quiet, & respectful. We left that apt. cause the Manager offers poor service & our rent was going to go up to almost 1,200.00. If you rent there go for a back apt & you just have to put up with someone who shouldn't be a property manager at all.
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Sturbridge Meadows Apartments

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