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Sturbridge Meadows Apartments



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unhappyequity • Prospective Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2009
We lived at Sturbridge Meadows once it is ran by half --- ---- lords. When they say spacechess they really mean no space. Water takes over fifteen minutes to get hot, and by then. lets face it... You are going to work smelling like a pig. You have yourself a choice of having three rooms, Two bedrooms and a spare room. The spare room is considered a "Den", but could be a bedroom! In their words. *Insert happy ---- smile here* Reading between the fine lines of what that really means..Your getting charged for a non closet, wrong dimension bedroom, Windows and so on. For some of you who do not know this.. "YOU CANNOT BE FORCED TO SIGN AN INSURANCE POLICY". The policy that they want you to sign is not for you, but for them. Proven fact. It's also funny how the insurance that they want you to fill out is also made by equity. Equity are the prime holders for Sturbridge meadows..Equity's name is on the back of the insurance brochure in little letters at the very bottom. So who is really the Nazis here? Save yourself the thought, Both of them are. So back to the insurance policy that I spoke of..If you really think about it you have just down them a favor by signing their insurance. It's like if you were to buy a car at a "VERY EXPENSIVE" car lot, and they had you sign a slip saying "Hey, you can buy this car but if the tranny goes, not our fault" *INSERT ---- SMILE HERE*:o) So as reality may have it in our desperate time of low economy, If by chance something goes wrong with the complex that you live in, "Fire, shorty wiring, or so forth they are not liable for your belongings. Funny isn't it? I think so. ---- lords are also unaware that they cannot charge you a pet fee in the state of Mass. Look up Tenant Law for further facts. It's either you accept pets, or you do not.... NO WAY YOU SAY? Yes way. They missed the memo as we did...And then some..Please be sure you do the home work before signing a deal with them. So come... enjoy your stay at Sturbridge meadows..They will make sure you won't get what you paid for. Those who make the gold, make the rule. Beware of Phony smile and fake hellos. If the sign says Equity, keep on a driving..
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Sturbridge Meadows Apartments

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