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41 Richardson Ave., Wakefield, MA 01880
41 Richardson Ave., Wakefield, MA 01880

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Richardson Ave Apartments



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2012
I felt misinformed moving into the apartment and would NOT move here if I knew what it was like! Walls are paper thin and you can hear your neighbors most of the time. I have neighbors who play their music loudly at all hours of the day and I can hear as if it were in my own apartment. I would guess 1/3 to half the apartment is unemployed. Social services works with many tenants and I'm positive some are seeking counselors and therapists as I have overheard conversations. I have a neighbor who swears loudly at all hours of the day, paces the halls and screams all the time and lives alone. It's awful living here with some of the crazy neighbors. The landlords let just about anybody live here. Seems like they only care about getting the money, and will take government funded people over safe and sane. The police are here at LEAST once a week. I have seen them at the apartment up to three times in just one week! There is only 2 hour parking on the street, but you can often get away with parking as long as it isn't during the winter months. Been ticketed only once. Otherwise park at the school which is a 5 minute walk away. There has been heating problems ever since I moved in. They hired a new company, but we went without heat for a couple days at a time during the winter. The boiler leaked oil for a few days smelling the entire building including our apartment. During that time we didn't have heat, but had to have all the windows open because of the bad smell. That was during the winter. We left the apartment to do errands over two days because we were freezing and our place smelled like gas. Overall, the landlords are nice and helpful, but wonder if they don't let us in on all the information. Would have been nice to know we were moving in next to a crazy person. We were told that the unit would be really nice for us because our neighbors are all single and very quiet. Lie! The rent is very cheap (850) but I would not choose to do this again.
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Richardson Ave Apartments

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