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Cronin's Landing Apartments



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fartlekpa • Resident 2003 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 05/16/2006
After reading ALL of the reviews, I'm not too surprised....although I would disagree sharply with most objections.<br><br>I am just now moving out of Cronin's after living there for three years. All in all, I am VERY satisfied with my experience. This was the best place I have ever lived (although it is my first time living in a "luxury" apartment complex). For all three years I have had a room mate in a 2 bed 2 bath and have paid between $1100 and $1250 per month (each). There are definite drawbacks to living here, and I will document the pros and cons below...<br><br>THE PROS: <br><br>1) THICK WALLS! I have NEVER heard my neighbors....EVER. I do hear the occasional party goers talking loudly as they pass my door, and the weekends can be noisier, but I've never seen a party that lasts on into the night (although the street noise is a different story...see CONS). I blast my music too (heavy sounds often) and have never had a complaint...I've even asked my neighbors if they've heard me (three of them are elderly) and they've send NO<br><br>2) Incredible maintainance. Last summer I had a grease fire that destroyed a chunk of my kitchen and set off the sprinkler in the kitchen, flooding the carpet in the whole apt. Cronins had the carpet pulled up THAT NIGHT (within 2 hrs of the fire) and had dehumidifiers up to drain the moisture. ALL of the damage (walls, ceiling, appliances, carpet, etc etc) were replaced within 5 days. ALL were like new when they were done. I didn't even have to move my stuff out...they worked around it! I did have insurance (otherwise I would have had to pay for ALL damages...again, see CONS), but the response was excellent. Additionally, any time I've had a problem, they have repaired it immediately. Most common problem was heat or ac not working (in three years it's happened about three or four times). <br><br>3) Friendly staff. The old wench was terrible and rude (as others have stated) and is gone now, but Tom and Shannon (i think that's her name), have been great. The concierge is always polite and courteous, and the rest of the staff ALWAYS says HI to me in the halls. This I find to be very unique, especially in Boston.<br><br>4) Great location. Two mexican restaurants (one in the first floor of the complex, with a deck overlooking the charles), three indian, two BBQ joints, 2 Thai, half a dozen pizza joints, an amazing ice cream shop, a micro brewery, an irish pub, a couple "upscale" restaurants, and an indie movie theatre (my favorite) are within a quarter miles walk from the building. Plus a market across the street (i use it at least weekly), drycleaners, etc etc etc. Plus the river and the riverwalk (which takes you all the way downtown and is great for biking/running/blading/etc) are right there. Can't beat it.<br><br>5) underground parking. THANK GOD for that in the winter when it snows. I haven't had to shovel off or around my car in three years and I LOVE it (although there are some drawbacks...see CONS)<br><br>6) VERY nice apartments/spacious. Very sunny, great appliances, good workout room (it has what I need), moderately secure (camera's are EVERYWHERE). Plus Heat and AC are included in rent which saves a lot on electric, although the DW/W/D eat up lots of juice. (i keep my place at 72 degrees all winter)<br><br>THE CONS:<br><br>1) Prepare to pay on move out. After two years with one room mate on the fifth floor, I downgraded and moved in with another friend one floor down. We EACH paid $700 in move out fees, which included replacing the carpet. Admittedly, it needed to be replaced and the lease said we were responsible (cronin's doesn't take a security deposit last i checked)--but they DID (as others have mentioned) go over the apt with a FINE tooth comb. If you move in, put aside about $100-200 for the move out and DON'T WEAR SHOES IN THE APT (this alone has kept my carpet in the most recent apt spotless). <br><br>2) STREET NOISE. The Skellig and Margaritas are big college hangouts and get VERY crowded on the weekends. If your apt overlooks the margaritas parking lot OR Crescent Street (both my apts have, respectively) YOU WILL HEAR A LOT OF NOISE. And I mean SCREAMING. Not all the time, but it's a safe bet on fridays and saturday nights (weeknights have been ok). <br><br>3) The tenants. The truth, as mentioned by others, is that there are A LOT of over-priveleged college-age, Eurotrash (seriously, most DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH or do so very poorly), BMW driving kids that rent here...for me, it's tolerable. There is the occasional party, and I do hear them talking loudly in the halls as they walk by at night (usually not past 10 or 11, except on weekends)...but for me it hasn't been a distraction (with my bedroom door closed the only noise I hear comes from the street). Plus, I've been told by other tenants that a single complaint gets any loud apt's a stern warning (and believe me, Cronin's does not hold back on threats when they need to). The big problem is smelling their repulsive colognes in the elevators, which for me is more laughable than anything else. I'm not a class warrior, and if mommy and daddy are so kind as to pay for their rent, it ain't my concern.<br><br>4) the garage. The "secure" doors are always broken, and constantly being fixed. Plus the spaces are small...VERY small. I have an SUV and have never had a problem, but if you're claustrophobic about your car, park in the lot across the street (metered). <br><br>5) PRICE. The reason I can no longer stay (I'm moving in on my own). Cronin's caters to two bedrooms, so its a good idea to have a roommate/spouse to help with rent. They offered me a one bedroom for $1785...and although I can afford it, I can't justify spending that much, even with a patio.<br><br>All in all my experience has been great at Cronin's. Although I don't have much to compare it to, my life has NEVER been more convenient (not having to leave the building to pick up a package, drop off dry cleaning, do my laundry, or take out garbage has been a DREAM). <br><br>**I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF ARCHSTONE OR CRONIN'S*** Although I'm sure they do post here to "boost" their ratings. I've included my email, if anyone would like to contact me I'd be more than happy to answer any questions.
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Cronin's Landing Apartments

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