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Ridgecrest Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2014
This place is a joke, a complete joke. I don't even know where to begin, I'll start with the viewing process. When I came to view the place they were nice, talked the place up to being this amazing place and with just a quick walk through and viewing the places seemed very nice. Clean apartment (the corridors not so much) it was believable that they were great. Then back to the offices to talk about a move in date and rent. The moment we sat down at the table it was like a light switch, the person I was dealing with then turned into a pushy ------- for lack of better words (sorry for the language). Telling me that if I didn't sign today or tomorrow that the place would be rented (when I looked at their availability online there were tons of apartments available). I was then told I would get a months rent free (which actually was only two weeks free). So I signed the lease and moved in. Things were ok, the washers suck but the dryers are great, the construction is ridiculous, the dumpster is foul and people dont care where they throw their garbage. There is supposed to be no smoking in the apartments but no one advides by it, and the noise from other tenants is absolutely appalling. You do not live in your own house you share the space with 20 other apartments blasting your music at 11pm and having a rage inside your apartment is not ok, there is zero respect here (------ crest is a better name for it). In a 2 months period time I've had to call the cops multiple times, not to mention one of them being for a woman screaming bloody murder "help me". Come to find out she was physically and sexually assaulted in the complex. As a single female I certainly DO NOT feel safe nor comfortable leaving my apartment after dark. I can confidently say the only positive thing about this place is the public transportation being right out front. I will not be renewing a lease here and can not wait for it to be up. If you are a 18-28 college type person who doesn't work like a normal person and can be up all hours of the night then by all means this place is great for you. If you need sleep and quiet look else where. There are better places in the area for better prices with more respect and privacy. Good luck.
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Ridgecrest Village Apartments

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