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Office Staff
Resident 1981 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/12/2005
Hello, I grew up in Queen Anne?s (or as we call it Q.A.G.) here are the facts: 1. You can walk the streets at night... but when you go out please lock your doors and windows. 2. The facilities like the pool and fitness center are garbage. The pool has been known for years as the ?Pee Pool?, the fitness center has been a familiar drinking spot over the years during the cold winter months. 3. HUGE Brazilian population has crept in here the last couple of years, which means: fast driving, cockroaches and 15 men in a one-bedroom apartment with Friday and Saturday night VIVE BRAZIL Kareoke. 3. Do not bring up kids here, they will grow up too fast. If you do decide to have children here they will be great athletes: running, hoping fences, basketball and the sweet science of pugilism. 4. Lock your car.. This is not Mayberry. 4A. Regarding the above mentioned your security guard is sleeping in a parking lot somewhere right now on the premises. 4b. There are a lot of kids here, so always a playmate for them. 5. Maybe a great place to move if you are from a larger city and have dealt with these types of problems mentioned here. 6. The grounds are certainly well kept and have always been. 7. There is ZERO parking here currently, be prepared to walk if coming in past 10pm, see #3 reason for why. 8. Management here does not care about the quality of people being placed, they do not care about your problems they have their own so: "What makes you so damned special? And as we say QAG BABY!!! --These comments, although may be funny, they are the honest truth from a resident who has been here over twenty years.
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