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Cotton Mill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2009
I would not recommend Cotton Mill Apartments to anyone,especially The Blockhouse on Linwood Ave.You get no privacy in your apartment because the insulation sucks!period.Your neighbors can hear everything that goes on in your apartment and you can hear all that goes on in theirs.The bathroom and bedrooms are downstairs,so if you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your soulmate......spend the extra money and get a motel room or else your next-door neighbor(s) will be banging the walls.You constantly hear the neighbors screaming and swearing at their young children.....which is disgusting!!!The building has a front and back door that are both supposed to be secure 24/7(every tenant has a key to both doors)they leave shoes,sticks,& other gadgets in the doors to keep them from closing securely,including the back fire escape door which even the ashtray can has been placed in the door to keep it from shutting.Management knows about this and they do nothing to put a stop to it.The back door automatically slams shut each time someone goes in or out on a day/night basis,so if you are a light sleeper...this will definitely wake you up.Any person at any time can enter the building at will due to the ignorance of other tenants who leave objects in the doors to keep them open.If there is any damage caused by the "unknown" person,you or someone from your household will get blamed for it as that's how it works around here.If there is a tenant in the building who doesn't like you,they will go to management with false allegations of you and/or members of your household,they will even call the police and make false reports on you to try to get you evicted from your apartment.(especially if they have a friend who needs affordable housing,if they can get you out,then there is a chance their friend can get your old apartment).Management takes note of the complaints that come from the tenants and instead of contacting you to have you come into the office to discuss the matter and find out wether the claims against you are true or not,they serve you an eviction notice.They just don't do things the correct way.They don't give a darn about the tenant or their rights,they will just serve you with the papers to appear in court for an eviction,no matter how mentally or physically ill you are.Every tenant has a right to privacy,even in an apartment building,they have a right to "live"in their apartment without having an officer knock on their door just because they "cough" or "sneeze" too loudly.....the problem isn't with the tenant,it's with the extremely sucky insulation throught the entire building.............fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Cotton Mill Apartments

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