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Avalon Oaks West



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hairgel • Resident 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 10/21/2011
My husband and I were out house hunting we found many houses that were perfect but when it came down to the wire five different banks would not issue us a home loan. The reasons varried from we didnt rent long enough to we had mostly gift money to we hadnt worked long enough we graduated college in 2010. It was a load of crap we had both been working a full year or a bit over and our income pre approved us and got us commitment letters but the contingency's prevented us from signing because we did not rent for a full year nor worked for full two years. We were devistated and heartbroken. We stayed at the reading commons after graduating college but we only stayed for 6 months because it was dangerous loud, the doors were always unlocked and I did not feel safe so we broke our lease and left. Was the granite nice? Sure! But the highway, loud people till all hours of the night and morning, cars since the 70's never been moved from the parking lot andour enterence door being broken into and lets not forget being woken up to the sounds of gun shots an pistol whips in my building at 2 in the morning. My point is my husband and I were not looking forward to renting again. We researched and found the avalon oaks west in wilmington. I have a 2 bedroom corner unit and I love it so much so far! We have been here for about 2 weeks. It is so quite and peaceful. There is a lovely view of the woods and the property doesnt run along a high way. It's located in a residential neighborhood so when you enter it feels like home. It also feels like home with the lay out of the apartment. I love that the kitchen is in the very back of the apartment so upon enterence there is a hallway straight ahead then a bathroom and laundry room to the right and the first master bedroom to the left. I love the cozy family room with gas fireplace. The family room leads into the seperate eat in kitchen and then to the kitchen, that is very wide and for my husband and I to work together comfortably in. There is no granite and it is all white but that is a fine sacrafice for the cozy homey feeling you get. Overall so far Avalon oaks west is a very warm quiet place that feels like your own.
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Avalon Oaks West

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