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Kimball Court

7 Kimball Court

Woburn, MA 01801



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
pros: <br><br>- when I had a problem with my garbage disposal, the maintenance man was quick to call me back, and very accommodating (I believe we met on a sunday morning).<br><br>- sufficient parking near bldg #5<br><br>- location (proximity to rt93/rt95). close to stop and shop.<br><br>--<br><br>cons:<br><br>- this place seems to draw .. let's just say, not the best crowd. I have no problem with my nice neighbors of varying ethnicities, but there are many that I do not feel comfortable around. This includes: residents that vandalize the elevators/halls, indifferent pot smokers (if you can get a buzz walking down the hall, that's a bit much), people fighting, and theft.<br><br>The previous may sound extreme, but I do not believe it is the location - it is the residents that attract such activities. I've heard there is low-income housing provided in our buildings, and sadly this does affect the quality of the residents. Their manners and irresponsible and indifferent attitude to their housing is reflected in the quality of the experience.<br><br>- Parking: I have personally experienced theft and damage to my car in the well-lit parking lot. To the credit of my neighbors, one of them scared the vandals away at 3am. Audi's, bmw's, and mercedes have seen vandalism. I have heard other reports of headlights being stolen, wheels being stolen, etc. For months at a time, I have seen cars sit in some of the lots with NO license plate and a flat tire. In the winter, the already unreasonably narrow parking spots become scarce due to THE WORST plowing I have ever seen - I blame the contractors hired to clear the parking lots, but I also blame management for not correcting their mistake. Salt is not used (restricted-salt area?), so my front-wheel-drive car with all-season tires has been stuck on slippery ground a number of times (no salt slopes poor plowing). I have been a new england resident my entire life, and have NEVER been stuck in a plowed lot before.<br><br>Security: Insecure parking aside, security varies by building. Front door security is achieved by an RFID tag (they finally replaced the flawed key system) - but the door is often propped open. There is a camera system - but the quality is terribly poor, it is not recorded, and it requires that you use their RF hookup - so I doubt anyone else looks at it either. Intercom/remote entry system: they require you have a local phone number, as it calls your phone. Since I only have a cell phone, I could not use this system, so I have to greet visitors at the door.<br><br>False advertising: <br><br>- Yes, they have tv/internet packages available. Do *not* get their custom internet or cable tv. Users report slow data speeds, lack of programming, etc. Kimball Courts is NOT an ISP, and any engineer will quickly realize that a network infrastructure maintained by an apartment complex is likely going to be sub-par.<br><br>- The "fitness center" currently consists of a few donated dumb-bells, 1 universal weight machine, 1 bike, and 1 treadmill - in a very cramped room.<br><br>- "1 minute off rt 93/95"?? (bostonapartments dot com) Close to the highway, but give it 5.<br><br>- "relax in the hot tub or by the fireplace at the clubhouse"?? wait, they have a hot tub? (I'm serious, I've never seen or heard of one, other than on their web page!) The "clubhouse" that they refer to is currently closed for renovation, has never had a fire in it that I can tell, and was used as a.) a place to store all of the packages received by residents, and b.) for internal management meetings. This has the effect of: a.) I have never had a clubhouse to use, b.) my mail is in a semi-public place, unmonitored location but locked after office hours (daylight theft?), and c.) there was one week that I was trying to pick up a package: the days that I could come during business hours to pick up the package (when I'm supposed to be at work), they were having internal meetings and I was BARRED from retrieving MY mail! Needless to say, I was frustrated.<br><br>Things I've dealt with that newcomers won't have to: construction of the towers was a very long and noisy affair; the new clubhouse and gym - if they come to fruition - will be far superior.<br><br>Other things that bother me: overflowing trash receptacles in the ground floor of the building, occasionally broken laundry machines, the lights in the parking lots preventing ham radio use, attitude of management staff, cheap building construction (even electrical: my switches have failed and needed to be replaced), occasional summertime power outages (a UPS is helpful), my air conditioning unit not circulating air to the bedroom due to poor floor layout, thermostat not functioning properly, and semi-frequent (several times a year) discoloration of the water (at least notices are posted).<br><br>Why have I been there so long? Well, it amazes me that it has been this long - I spend most of my hours away from home. I have been looking at the housing market for the last several years, anticipating a purchase, and wanted to avoid signing a new lease - else I would have found a new place a long time ago. As management begins to focus less attention on my building and more on the revenue-generating towers, quality will likely deteriorate - but by that time, I will have moved.<br><br>I wouldn't recommend them to someone new, unless they were willing to pay the ridiculous prices demanded for the new buildings, or absolutely needed to live in the area.<br>
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Kimball Court

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