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Pheasant Ridge Apartments



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Chai8 • Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2005
I originally wrote a raving review of this complex in September of 2003 and boy was I wrong!<br> <br>My roommate and I have lived in Building 2 for 3 years now. We did not have a lot of problems and what probs we did have were fixed quickly. We did have some issued with the centipedes-yuck!!<br> <br>When we first moved in there was an office secretary who was ancient and quite rude. She was replaced by a really, really nice person who left because of the horrible treatment from the owner. The current secretary is nice enough but makes decisions and agreements with the tenants and the owner will not honor them.<br> <br>The tenants are really nice and most are friendly. I spoke with one person who currently rents a one bedroom and this person told me they were on a waiting list for a two bedroom like we have.<br> <br>I decided that it was time to buy and not waste any more money on rent. Since the owner has always been good to us, we decided to give 45 days notice for leaving instead of the required 30 days. So on September 1st we told the secretary (who was the only person in the office at the time) that we would be leaving on October 15th. We figured that this way the could do minor fix ups on the unit and get one of the people off the waiting list by November 1st.<br> <br>This is were everything went wrong...... The secretary told us that she would use the last month's rent they were holding as September's rent and that she would talk to the owner about paying a per diem amount for each day in October that we stayed. The next day we spoke directly with the owner who agreed to take the last months rent she was holding for September's rent and to let us pay a per diem amount for October and we even told her we would be out by Oct 10th so she would have more time for any fix ups. On September 7th I came home to a note under my door from the owner stating that the 10th was no longer good for her and we would need to be out by Oct 3rd. Knowing that my condo purchase isn't until Oct 6th, she was basically throwing us out into the street. This did not go over well with me or my roommate since like I said we have lived there for 3 years. We then sent her a certified letter with a chain of events (somewhat like above) and told her Oct 3rd is not a possibility and that Oct 10th would be the soonest since we made plans around her verbal agreement with us (this was actually the first time she went against her word). As it turns out, she found someone to rent the unit who needed it by Oct 1st but who was willing to wait to move in until Oct 3rd. This person is NOT a current tenant at the complex and the owner completely ignored anyone currently on the waiting list for the 2-bedroom unit.<br> <br>On September 12th we were served with eviction papers stating that we had 14 days to leave since we had failed to pay September's rent......WHAT?????? <br> <br>All I can say is: STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!<br> <br> <br> <br>
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Pheasant Ridge Apartments

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