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Channing Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/10/2019
I have been treated poorly & now i want the community involved Fix what need to be fixed in other people's appartments Before you Tried to raise their Rent. Pro-cast-a-nation is in progress for some apparments Promises aren't being made people are being moved into unready appartments and the Channing team is not Helping. On top of that someone missed a Promised opportunity Because of Discrimination Now the whole state of police or someone should be notified. I will be presidenting this to court I have more Photos to come. Some people get away with haveing animals as well. This isn't over the will Be involved with this Infested place. The excuse of It's cold mice are always inside what can they do? No Go pay Your resident a stay at a Hotel and fix this Major problem that You are selling and holding innocent people accountable. People who the city would like to see not miss the opportunity for an appartment . Some people might accept it I won't. The truth they held out on a lot of stuff even broke something someone paid for leaving them to believe the residents did it. I am a prospective. By the time you finish Reading this the person maybe playing More Rights the person has for her concerns. Don't worry they will know You took somewhat advantage. This person has Brought the Mice attention up to the office and they can do a little better about the situation that taken place. This is Not exceptable Yo miss treating it is abuse think of all the children that take place. For a community base place seems like you don't care. Don't you think they alone because whitness with Power will be there every step of the way. Don't blame the Residents because they moved in with a promise that you did not keep. Just fix the problem. Also some tendents believe The office maybe Violated other privacy rights this is a Concern that will be fixed. PS you call that an extermination knowing how much you don't want to spend the cat is out of the bag due to an ex employee verbal statements. Also one was told to be quite during and in appartment examination. The person intimidated the family could of of been thrown out for being honest. You thought you was doing the right thing but you know it was Wrong if it becomes a court matters names will be said.
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Channing Terrace Apartments

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