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79 Park Ave # 2, Worcester, MA 01605
79 Park Ave # 2, Worcester, MA 01605

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Salisbury Estates



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Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/23/2004
The complex is riddled with problems - from maintenance issues to safety issues. Granted, 1 grand/mo in Downtown Worcester - in supposedly one of the safer areas of the city - is a small price to pay in this day in age, but a recent murder on Grove Street at Ciao Bella is a testament to contradict what the landlady indicated about just how tranquil the overall neighborhood on Park Avenue. In the early - mid '90s, there were car break-ins and CD players and other things were stolen. Unfortunately, as already indicated, the severity of the problems increased. <br> <br> <br>As a college student, one should feel able to party and neighbors should not feel threatened - yet on several weekened occasions where every once and a while college students need to let loose more crotchety neighbors have felt cause to call the Worcester Police who do more harm than good by waking up the entire complex with their walkie-talkies and CB-radios. <br> <br>To have a sustained Police presence in the neighborhood should be of comfort to some, however actually it contributes to the overall climate of fear and reminds people Park Avenue is not as safe as it once was. <br> <br>As far as maintenace is concerned, not a month goes by where there is not one problem of some nature or another - whether it is an ant infestation in the bottom corner of a wall in the living room, mites eating you alive in your room, or smoke detectors that are so sensitive steam from a shower sets them off, one is constantly in need of mainteance's attention - and it is simply not worth it given all the other concerns people have enumerated with Salisbury Estates - and parking can be HELL in the Winter!
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Salisbury Estates

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