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79 Park Ave # 2, Worcester, MA 01605
79 Park Ave # 2, Worcester, MA 01605

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Salisbury Estates



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/15/2002
We did not even rent an apartment here.. We didn´t get a chance. <br> <br>I called and left a message in which I was told the manager would be returning in 1/2 hour... 3 hours later I called back and the manager answered the phone herself (guess she was in..) <br>I tried explaining how my friends who lived in the complex had no neighbors for quite some time, and since I noticed no shades, curtains, or lights on the evening I visited them... I was hoping the apartment truly was empty and was very interested in renting it. <br> <br>The manager proceeded to raise her voice asking me how it could be possible I knew nobdy lived there when she hadn´t shown the apartment to me.. and why was I there at night (I didn´t know visiting a friend for dinner was a crime)... completely insinuating that I had somehow broke into the empty apartment to check it out... (did I mention you can see all the windows of the apartment from the sidewalk?) I actually had to Stop the conversation and say," Excuse me.. Do I have the right phone number?" <br> <br>As soon as she finally calmed down and realized that I might pay her money.. she was very sweet and told me that the apartment I was interested in was rented but she had other units available. I proceeded to set up an appointment anyway.. <br> <br> <br>It costs $1075 per month... h/hw inc. Which in itself is a rip-off.. But had we been able to afford it, the property manager turned us off from the moment we stepped into her office. She did not rise from her seat to shake our hand. She was not even about to SHOW us an apartment... "They all look like this one" (which had w/w capreteing that is NOT included in the other apartments)... very misleading. <br> <br>Whoever wrote the review that it cost $950 was slightly inaccurate, since she told us it was $1075... When I tried to explain that this webiste exists she yelled at me.. when what I was merely trying to do was explain why I thought the price was different than it was. Her attitude was extremely poor to say the least.... <br> <br>Even if it was worth the money to you... <br>would you bother? <br> <br>We didn´t.
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Salisbury Estates

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