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79 Park Ave # 2, Worcester, MA 01605
79 Park Ave # 2, Worcester, MA 01605

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Salisbury Estates



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/22/2002
I lived at Salisbury Estates for my sophomore and junior years of college. It was convenient to campus if all you did was go to class. The park between the apts. and WPI is not one to go through alone at night. <br> <br>Maintenance of the building was a problem. The plumbing was so outdated that the pipes were too small in diameter, and on occasion when someone used the toilet, it would overflow, dripping toilet water through the floor to the kitchen, soaking all of the dishes in the cabinet. The answer from management was that the could not replace the pipes. Also, one winter, the ice and snow accumulation on the roof of the small entryway that we shared with our neighbors almost caused it to cave in - it started as a small hole in the ceiling so we could see the underside of the roof, and the maintenance people let it progress to a hole over a foot in diameter, and we could start to see through parts of the roof as well. <br> <br>The electricity was also a problem on occasion. The wiring was not sufficient to hold the kind of power demands that college students need. If the toaster and microwave were on at the same time, the circuit breaker would trip. There were also sometimes problems with the circuits which the computers were plugged into tripping. <br> <br>The one good thing I can say about the apartments is that the layout of them was nice. Compared to other college apartments available, they seemed to be much larger. It was just unfortunate that to get space, we had to sacrifice quality.
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Salisbury Estates

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