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Annapolis Roads



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Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/12/2006
Like many of the reviews posted, the initial greeting of Peggy is very pleasant: very accomodating, helpful & a good 'ol Baltimore girl. She takes you to the model apartment that is, of course, perfect in every way: new appliances, carpet looks like it is brand new, the bathroom is clean and repair marks are not visible, the windows are sealed...you get the idea. Then you get the, "well, I don't know if this apartment is going to be here later-I was showing it off to others as well" speech to try & lock you in as soon as possible. Then comes the day of signing the lease, handing over the deposit, & in my case, I got one month free (which in hind site, should have been spread over the year as a reduced monthly rate...), which I'm sure is no longer an option to lure people into the complex. Oh, & views that face the "woods", tack on another $50 for rent (never mentioned until I signed...imagine that). Then comes move in day.<br><br>Now everything that you have seen is the complete opposite: the carpet is stained, the walls are dirty, the appliances haven't been cleaned, the bathroom has enough caulk over it to do another building, there are about 26 different coats of paint on it (look hard at the door jamb-you can see how the style of paint has changed over the past 31 years...), the doors stick, the fan wobbles at an ungodly rate & there is left over food from the previous resident on the top of the cabinets. There are cracks the size of San Andreas in the ceiling that is most likely just the "settling" that management must be talking about. You get settled in & enjoy.<br><br>Then comes the neighbours. I can understand surface noise: conversations that you cannot decipher, an occasional boom of something falling, appliances that may move due an occasional overload, maybe even a phone ring. Then you wake up from fantasy world & hear the elephants stomp overhead, the constant swearing & yelling, the dogs doing Mach 4 across the length of the floor at all hours & phone conversation you think that you are a part of as a conference call. The people across the hall have about 78 people living there, or so you think, due to the door slamming every other minute at all hours of the day. You also feel part of their family as you can contribute to their conversations, (read: yelling) as well. This occurs every day.<br><br>Moving on. Of all the positive posts on this site about management (either cooked up by management or someone who has no basis for comparison), give it time: they will show their true colors. Shari is more concerned about you leaving her alone & letting her do nothing all day, however, make it seem as if she is doing something (smoking I think) constructive to making those endless day-to-day routines that I'm positive she divies out to whomever. She was the rudest person I have ever encountered & made it her goal to get you out of her office as quickly as possible. Her facade of friendliness is only masked by her form letters & Rolodex of answers that was given to her when she somehow aquired the title "Property Manager". Peggy, as stated before, was very nice, however, all of the niceness that she may possess, was quickly clouded over by Shari's negative outlook on life; as if the world owed her a favour. Kim, did what she had to do. You could tell Shari's influence over her, but she did do the best to try and advert it. Maintenance, as previously posted, did what they could with what they had. When you have a budget of duct tape & Bondo, you get by.<br><br>As for the slogan "Apartment living on the water"-I've never been so landlocked. Unless they are referring to when Isabel came through, you have to walk to said water to live on it. They use the slogan to get you in & have the prices set as if you were looking at the Chesapeake from your balcony. Water, after two years is no longer free & is based on a community use. Translation: the apartment that uses the most, wins. <br><br>Use this post as a reference & compare it to that of www.homeproperties.com. If after close review you still want to live here, be it known that you have been forewarned & that you are being lured into a web of deceit & lies, with Shari as the web master, armed with her Rolodex of answers.
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Annapolis Roads

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