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Annapolis Roads



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
Where do I start? Well, how about here - the <br>management of this place is absolutely horrid. They are among the rudest, least <br>helpful, least understanding, evil people I've ever met. Oh sure, <br>they're very nice and happy and understanding when you're LOOKING there... <br>sure... but once you've signed your lease, BAM.<br><br>First of all, be prepared for terrible air quality. I've lived in old <br>old old buildings before, but I couldn't breathe in my apartment here. <br>This place has the highest concentration of dust mites in the northern <br>hemisphere. I couldn't even go to sleep at night without an hour of <br>being miserable.<br><br>And then, how about the yellow liquid that drips from my ceiling. You <br>complain about it, they tell you its just condensation... yeah, that's <br>right - YELLOW condensation.<br><br>When it finally got so bad that I couldn't even function in the <br>apartment anymore, I went to them and asked to move out. Granted, it was <br>before my lease expired - but you would have thought I asked her to give me <br>a million dollars... I got literally yelled at, and blamed for the <br>problems. When I explained my DOCTOR feels the combination of the horrid <br>carpet, the central air, and the dog sized dust mites were causing me to <br>not be able to breathe, she argued with me about it.<br><br>She then promptly told me that I was screwed, and that I had to pay the <br>rest of my lease. Yeah, that's right - I'm on death's door because of <br>their ------ air quality and she's basically saying to me "tough it <br>out".<br><br>Oh yeah - and did I mention my wife is 7 months preganant and is also <br>having breathing trouble too? Certainly doesn't help that they moved in <br>a CHAIN SMOKER to the apartment next to ours. Yeah, so my pregnant <br>wife has to walk through a cloud of second hand smoke every time she comes <br>home. I'll be damned if I'm bringing my kid through there.<br><br>So, the long and the short of it is this - this place tries to pass <br>itself off as a nice place to live, but the bathroom is a hellhole, the <br>carpet is old and ------, the apartment itself is cramped and the layout <br>is weird, and worst of all, the management is without a doubt the worst <br>group of people I've ever experienced in my life (and again, they felt <br>like the BEST I'd ever met BEFORE I moved in and signed my lease).<br><br>If it comes down to you moving into another apartment for 50 extra <br>bucks... my god, you have to do it. Seriously.
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Annapolis Roads

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