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988 Spa Road

Annapolis, MD 21403



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2007
I only had four days to find an apartment prior to a relocation from PA and I completely bought into Avalon's total package of 'We'll take care of you' song-and-dance. Two of my coworkers were living in the complex when I moved in, but both moved out as soon as their leases were up. Several other coworkers have lived in the complex. as well - and have since moved out. Bottom line: a complex from the 1990s that's fine if you don't mind horrid parking issues and higher rent. <br><br>Avalon's package deal includes a per diem reduction of your rent if you report a maintenance issue that goes unresolved. Despite having continual problems with cupboard doors refusing to close (which started only a month after I moved in!), I have only received $43 off of my rent. While the maintenance staff is helpful, the problems in getting things addressed may be due to management.<br><br>The complex is generally quiet: mainly professionals, with some small families. Avalon also boasts that the apartments are quiet - and they are, for the most part. I was shown the door and how it muffles all the traffic noises in the display model. Unfortunately, that's not quite the case with the actual apartments. Wear and tear has taken its toll and sometimes, you can hear neighbors animals. The other noise issues I've had so far are with the slamming of the doors - a slammed door on the ground floor resonates all the way up to the third floor! I also have a neighbor who occassionally 'discovers' loud music on Sunday mornings - something that the quiet doors can't do a thing about!<br><br>Parking is an unbelievable nightmare, with the exception of the higher numbered buildings towards the front of the complex. My building is in the very back of the complex and if I want to get a parking spot near my building (which is key if I have groceries), I have to time my trips to the grocery store very carefully so I can snag a spot close enough for me not to strain my back. Avalon offers 'covered parking', but at $30 a spot, it really isn't worth it. <br><br>Avalon also offers storage space, but again - for what you're paying Avalon for a storage space, you might as well go to a self-service storage facility.
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