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10 Light

10 Light St

Baltimore, MD 21202



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Josh_N392 • Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/23/2018
At least one night per month, you have to leave your apartment for about two hours because of continuous false fire alarms. I don't know what kind of horrible system the property management company has put in place, but this has annoyed me so much that I've had the last straw and I'm moving out. Expect to be woken up unexpectedly at a minimum once per month, and often twice, at 3am to an alarm that is as loud as being in the front row of a monster truck show, without there ever being a fire or even smoke anywhere in or near the building. It's crazy! I don't have kids but I guarantee it would cause permanent damage to their hearing and probably leave them frightened and shaken because they would never know when they went to bed if they were going to be woken up by ear-shattering chaos for absolutely no reason. So long 10 Light!
10 Light Manager10/27/2018

We're thankful for your feedback, Josh. We want your experience in our community to be comfortable and upbeat. We're sorry if issues with our fire alarms have affected your satisfaction, and we want you to know our team is working to find a permanent solution immediately. However, please know that the recent alarm was actually indeed an emergency. We'd love the chance to speak with you directly about this matter, so will you please get in touch with us in the office so we can chat? Our team looks forward to hearing from you and improving your experience.

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10 Light

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