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10 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21202
10 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21202

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10 Light

10 Light St

Baltimore, MD 21202



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Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2019
I was afraid of retaliation now I don't give a ------- ---- Everying leasing agent and manager in this build can go ---- themselve I've had it with the management in this building letting my dog be attacked multiple times. You are as much responsible as the owner of that dog is. been speaking with multiple lawyers it was your responsibility when you found out the animal was dangerous to get it out of the building that being said we are leaving out of here done with every bit of this building. Luxury apartment my ---. Not to mention taking you 4 days to fix the dishwasher than when you came in to fix it "tattled" on me that there were a pile of dishes and now I get a violation report saying they are coming for an inspection... hmmm I wonder why there were ------- dishes piled up. Can anyone answer that for me? GO ---- YOUR SELF I AM ------- BEYOND DONE AND I ------- HOPE CORPORATE IS READING THIS assuming they care cuz I could go on and on. How about them forwarding my complaints to the people I complained about?? How about them being nasty when they refused to lock the front doors letting homeless men corner my friends in the building and leasing yelling and threatening my friend when she stormed in mad and rightfully so, how about the horrible construction that they snuck into our lease 24 hours a day. The list is endless ---- this place I wouldn't live here if I were you.. OH BEST PART they sneak in the lease that we pay for EVERY PIECE OF UTILITY IN THE BUILDING FOR THE POOL WATER THE COMMON AREAS THE LEASING OFFICES ELECTRIC WATER GAS AND EVERYOTHER ROOM "THATS" WHY UTILITIES ARE OUTRAGEOUS ALL THEY KEPT SAYING WAS THE BILLS WERE GOING TO GO DOWN LIARS LITETALLY DONE ?????? Don't reply with no half assed excuse don't want to hear it.
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10 Light

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