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Bonnie Ridge Apartments



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genomicsdoc • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/24/2006
I lived in Bonnie Ridge many years ago, so naturally I thought it would be great to live here again when I moved back to Baltimore last August. So, I was a little bit concerned when, on the day I moved in, a resident of 18 years introduced herself and commented, "This was a much nicer place to live before Home Properties took over." <br><br>First the good news: <br>The owners (Home Properties) appear to be spending a lot of money renovating the complex. New windows, new sidewalks, etc.<br><br>The complex is located within 1 mile of light rail and in a really nice part of Baltimore.<br><br>The rent is reasonable, considering the location and the amenities.<br><br>The apartments are nice, if undistinguished.<br><br>Sadly, the bad news:<br>1. I've had serious problems with mail delivery at Bonnie Ridge. The mailboxes are too small, so packages and journals get left in a common bin - all too often, never to be found.<br><br>2. The towing policy is the most predatory I have ever seen. One car I know of was towed within TWO HOURS of parking at Bonnie Ridge, even though the tags were still within the grace period allowed by the owner's home state. Most complexes at least issue a written warning and give you time to correct the problem.<br><br>3. The towing company itself is run by truly scary dudes that you would NOT want to meet in a dark alley at night. If your car is towed, DO NOT go to their compound after dark, or if you do, be sure to request police escort (which, as it turns out, is available in Baltimore County for towed vehicles). My friend found out the hard way. <br><br>4. Less than 3 weeks after I moved in, my apartment was turned upside down so they could replace all of the windows. I asked them why this wasn't done when the apartment was still vacant. Their attitude was, my convenience isn't their problem.<br><br>5. Because of all of the renovations, my section of Bonnie Ridge is noisy during the day. This turned out NOT to be a good for someone who works night shift and needs to sleep during the day.<br><br>6. The trash collection corral is too small for the size of the complex. Garbage and recyclables commonly spill out onto the sidewalk / street / etc. In fairness, the situation has improved in the past 2 months, since the installation of a new collection bin.<br><br>7. The property manager is useless - hands donw, the least competent manager I've encountered in any place I've ever lived. <br><br>8. The dryer is not vented into the outdoors, which means that my entire apartment ends up damp and smelling like a laundromat every time I do a load.<br><br>To sum up: Not recommended, at least until Home Properties hires competent management. <br><br>In Baltimore, tenants have a right to peaceable enjoyment of the premises. My experience at Bonnie Ridge has been so far from quiet enjoyment that I finally settled with management for an early termination of lease.<br><br>
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Bonnie Ridge Apartments

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