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2 Beeson Court, Baltimore, MD 21236
2 Beeson Court, Baltimore, MD 21236

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Burnam Wood Apartments



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Dingobingaling • Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 04/23/2009
I loved living at Burnam Woods apartments. I only moved out because my roommate was unable to renew the lease and I decided to get my own apartment. The one bedroom apartments are too pricey so I could not just stay in the community although I wanted to. I know that the two bedroom rates went up as well but the price may be worth it because it is a nice place to live, in my opinion. Even though these apartments are older, everything was in good working condition and I never felt like I was living in an old place. The carpet, fixtures and blinds were new. Never had a problem with appliances. The air conditioner broke once when we first moved in, and apparently the maintenance guys were not friendly with my roommate when they came to fix it, but they did take care of the problem promptly and fortunately we never had to call them again. I always felt safe coming in and out of the building and the security door worked well. Apartments were spacious and nicely laid out. The neighbors seemed friendly, most of them are older people. The only time I ever heard anyone was I would occasionally hear the lady next door yelling at her kids out in the living room, but it was not enough to bother me. There are a good amount of kids in the community but I never had any problems with them. It was a quiet place and I enjoyed it. The apartment also had a great view of the woods and it was peaceful. I also never had a problem with parking, nor did my guests. I did not have any problems getting the security deposit back. I did not get the full deposit due to my roommate having spilled coffee pretty much all over the place, but that was to be expected. They did not take a whole lot out to cover the cost of that, which was surprising but good. I did not have any problems moving out and communication was excellent. The only downsides I would have to say is that the staff is not all that friendly- not really rude but not personable. But that is not such a big deal. There are no amenities either, although I think that there is a discount available to the White Marsh swim club up the street. Also, sometimes there was a problem with residents in the building leaving the outside door propped open, which is not really safe, and would also let bees in in the summertime. I don't know what that would be like in other buildings, but I know that the kids in my building did it a lot. All in all, I would definitely recommend Burnam Woods. Wish I could move back!
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Burnam Wood Apartments

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