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Burnam Wood Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
We've lived here for about two and a half years, and CANNOT wait to get out. Burnam Woods, looks like it's a quiet and out of the way complex, but appearances are sadly deceiving. The walls in the complex are so thin; you can hear you can hear every little thing your neighbors do from walking around, to using the bathroom. We live between two of the most inconsiderate families ever. The ones above us let the kid stomp and jump around so loudly and hard that our pictures fall off the walls. They vacuum at hours, all of which this occurs as late at 2 am. The neighbors below us jack up the television so loud in the wee hours that it wakes us up. The leasing company doesn't take action beyond sending letters to them. It's gotten so bad some nights we've had to call the police. You have to beg or threaten in order to get faulty appliances replaced. When the maintenance guys come to look at problems, they will always blame you. I m not an idiot; I know when I have a faulty appliance. The advertised playground is not very big, and comes with no place for an adult to sit. There are no other places for children to play, so you end up having to maneuver around them in the parking lots, and stairwells. The management then places notices in the lobbies that forbid children from playing in front of the complexes or on the grass. The trash that is left outside is an eyesore. It's like people here forgot how to use a trashcan, when they want to discard their cupcake wrappers or cups. The vehicle traffic on 43 creates such a clamor that, even with the windows closed you're hearing is still affronted with revving engines and sirens, especially late at night (43 become a virtual drag racing strip). The management does not enforce any parking or pet policies. Never go Month-to-month. They raise the rent by 200-300 dollars, and then require you to give 60 days notice to move. It makes it hard to start a new lease anywhere. That s not Month-month, that s a lease. The only decent thing this place has going for it, is the marsh. In the warmer months, you get to see all kinds of awesome nature happen. Muskrats, herons, rabbits, so many birds, and peeper frogs (they can get deafening though)! Sometimes there s deer in the woods too.
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Burnam Wood Apartments

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