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Chapel Valley Townhomes

8 Chapel Towne Circle

Baltimore, MD 21236



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/10/2017
In the beginning of moving to Chapel Valley Town Homes it was a great environment, and the people in the office was amazing especially Eileen. A year ago is when everything changed and Eileen and the head guy for maintenance was gone, and both of them kept a lot of people in that complex because they we're so nice and anything you needed they assisted. They replaced Eileen with a young clueless and sarcastic manager that just didn't do Chapel any good at all. People who lived here for years decided to leave and I couldn't understand why until I had a conversation with her. So I decided to start the process to buy a home I advised the office that I wanted month to month they send me a five month agreement. They changed the system to pay online they removed me from the system and was clueless on how to fix it. I requested the number to corporate the lady in the office declined. I called another property to get the number for corporate to get assistance with trying to pay my rent on time. Throughout my time at Chapel I've never paid late, and I wasn't going to start for a issue on their end. Long story short that issue was completed... I received a letter from the manager in the office asking for the return copy of the month to month agreement.. I advised that I've already giving it to the office and they signed for it.. She wasn't trying to hear it and request another copy.. whatever I gave it to her. I purchased my home I left Chapel and waited for my check in the mail for the security deposit. A few weeks later we received a bill stating that we owe. The manager advised the people that the carpet was in a certain type of condition and I replaced a Chandelier. Now the homes are OKAY, but not that great to remodel anything especially not that. I feel that one of those maintenance guy took it upon themselves to remove the Chandelier in that home so they can charge me for it however what is funny is we take pictures all the time, and the manager FAILED to research before she assessed charges to my account. She is one NASTY individual and the saying is true whoever runs or stays in that position that's how the environment becomes. I wanted to share my story because a lot of people don't however I will file a compliment with CORP because I hated my treatment after I left. I been with Apartment Services for years, but I strongly believe if Eileen didn't leave my ending experience would've never been this way. She does her research and look at past things before sending crazy bills to loyal clients. I will never recommend any family or friends to rent at Chapel Valley or any of the Apartment Services homes. The pictures look great however the environment isn't the same, people are a hot mess, and the new manager in the office is a total disaster she could never fill the shoes. TRAINING FOR SOME IS GREAT, BUT DOESN'T WORK FOR EVERYONE.
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Chapel Valley Townhomes

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