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Commons at White Marsh



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
I've been here a few yrs. This place sucks. I get tired of the wanna BE thugs and the bad a-- kids, I get tired of seeing the drug dealing right out in the open, I get tired of seeing all the ------ kids and (people) just hanging around cursing, smoking weed, playing loud music, and trying to rob people. the mice act like they took over the lease and sent us elsewhere. the maintanence is horrible and lazy especially the one with big black truck BIG -. They just hang around the rental office doing nothing. 3 yrs straight my a/c broke. it was 104 outside and 110 inside my apt. Because we didn't have any type of medical condition, it was not considered an emergency. can you imagine living on the third floor in the sweltering heat? they don't care, they just want the money. i feel really sorry for the people who bought those expensive houses up the road, the have no clue what they are in for with these project kids out here. I have nothing against section 8 because some people need it and they actually respect and take care of the property, but the ------ ones who move out here and let their boyfriends, cousins, etc,move in and run illegal activity out of their house,should be KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not fair to those of us who work hard for ours and can't even live in peace. They tell you, you can't wash your cars on the property but yet i see one of the maintanence guys washing his all the time, across from the rental office. why is it good for him and not everyone else. then if you have a satellite dish they want you to get $300,000 worth of liability insurance in case it just so happen to fly off somewhere. They are really crazy!!!!!!!1 Hopefully I'll be able to move soon when my lease is up and find something more suitable for me, because guess what THIS AIN'T IT. RENTER BEWARE RUN FORREST RUN
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Commons at White Marsh

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