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Resident 2008 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/30/2010
Reasons I moved in: 1. Heat and water included in affordable rent 2. Close to the light rail and downtown but not in the inner city 3. Free parking Reasons I am moving: 1. Bugs: A non-stop invasion of ants, giant cockroaches, crickets, fruit flies, spiders, waterbugs, etc. Once found a squished baby snake under the carpet. I was on the ground floor and could blame that for the bugs, but the upstairs neighbors get them as well. On the upside, I haven't seen any mice...of course that doesn't include the rats I've seen in the dumpster 2. Rent increases: It goes up every year to pay for painting the outside of the building, cheap landscaping, buying new washers/dryers (a washer has broken several times and hasn't worked for over 2 months now), and new bigger mailboxes outside! so you can anticipate how fun it will be to fetch mail in the rain and snow. I'd rather hang on to my money until they come up with better renovation ideas or even ask residents what would help 3. Maintenance: While this is not a reflection of the actual maintenance guy (there's only one, and although he's a nice, hard-working guy, sometimes multiple trips are required to get something fixed 100%), the way maintenance requests are handled show there is little communication between the office staff and maintenance, and absolutely NO communication from office staff to the residents 4. Staff: While it would at first appear the new staff attitude has improved from previous staff, there is still little communication to the residents. A simple phone call to let residents know the status of maintenance requests, complaints, etc. may help, but then again you can't really expect quality customer service from people who respond to you with an "uh-huh sure...ok bye" 5. Building: Granted it's not a new building but I've found mold in the closet ceiling, had the heating unit leak then break and be ignored for 2 months, a kitchen light that doesn't work half the time due to faulty wiring, a broken towel rack, a leak under the kitchen sink, and large cracks in the floor and walls. These do not, a satisfied renter, make 6. Security/Safety: There are no locks on entrance doors or storage closets in the laundry rooms. Laundry room doors have locks that do not work and are left propped open, hence why homeless people have been found on several occasions living in the hallways, stairways, and laundry rooms. More recently someone broke into a neighbor's apartment and stole some things in the middle of the day by breaking their window. Surprisingly, none of those who stay at home during the day saw anything (or didn't care enough to come forward). Also an elderly woman slipped and fell just outside her main entrance because the outside light had not been replaced for some time; a few hallway lights in my building have also been out for a while as well 7. Noise: There's a clause in the lease that says you must have 80% of your apartment carpeted if you live above another unit, and also the times that it should be kept quiet...it is being ignored. I've heard loud sex accompanied by sharp bangings on the hardwood floor, I've heard boots stomping on my ceiling, and a demon child (seriously this kid screams bloody murder) who loves to throw toys as hard as possible on the floor...the parents know, but just don't care. It gives the impression of a quiet garden apartment but is the furthest thing from it. The leasing office should take the rent increases to pay for carpeting on second and third floors; they'd know that if there was any communication effort from staff to residents 8. Pets: I've always been an animal person but if there are pet restrictions in place, they should be enforced. Although dogs above 30 lbs and pit bulls are supposed to be restricted, they are not. And forget leashing, I've seen irresponsible pet owners let their dogs out unleashed (pit bulls included) to go bathroom by opening the front door then simply yelling and cursing at them to come back, not even bothering to pick up the "present" the dog left on the ground. I've been woken up by this yelling at various times throughout the night too and still the staff doesn't do anything about it. Also I know other apartments have non-refundable pet security deposits but I think that is ridiculous if they're going to charge that in addition to monthly pet rent. It's just another way to make money off of pet owners, both responsible and irresponsible alike 9. Neighbors: For the most part you won't talk with your neighbors unless you need to complain about the aforementioned noise or pets. It's a mix of "trash" and I've experienced some bored, mouthy, unapologetic, unsupervised preteen kids throwing rocks at my windows, then mouthing off at me when I caught them (another incident the staff did nothing about). However there are a handful of nice people who will look out for each other, I only hope they are able to move out soon 10. Ending Lease: Normally it's a 60 day notice if you intend to break lease early, and obviously you have to pay for those last 2 months...not so at Edgehill. Along with the last 2 months rent, you have to pay an additional 2 months. This is put into place because of high apartment turnover rate, allowing the staff extra time to find another sucker...I mean renter Sorry if this comes as a disappointment to anyone looking at these apartments but they seem to be one of the many communities that the Time Group forgets about as they cash our checks. Even though I did speak with someone from the Time Group about some of these issues, the solutions they offered have yet to be put into action. Edgehill Apartments is just not worth it in the long run. Oh, and I'll update in a few months in case I don't get my security deposit back in full or on time because of posting this Update: So I made an appointment to do a walk-through with Edgehill and make sure they wouldn't fine me for anything. I was basically stood up. Called them a half hour after the appointment and the office idiot's excuse was that the maintenance man was supposed to do the walk-through but he got called away to another location for an emergency that would take at least a few hours and I could "just leave the key in the apartment and don't lock the door." Do I have "gullible" stamped on my forehead or something? Interestingly enough I waited around a few more minutes and out pops the maintenance man from a neighboring apartment. He had no problem taking a minute to walk through the apartment and I got my security deposit back in full plus interest Coupled with what I wrote above, you can plainly see that the office idiots are the root of many issues at Edgehill Apartments
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