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Fairways Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/31/2007
The day of my move-in maintenance still had a bunch of jobs to do in my unit. The first stove and dishwasher they gave me had water sitting in the bottom of them. I asked for a replacement during my walk through. They were both replaced that day but the dishwasher broke again about 3 months later. Nearly all of the closet doors needed to be replaced, which took weeks for them to do. The bathroom needed to be painted which again took weeks. Not all of the cabinets in my kitchen close, several of the shelves are slanted and they never even bothered to fix those. There were several more issues from my intial move-in but i have had so many problem with maintenance i cannot remember them all. Also within the first week of living here we had an ant problem. We requested that maintenance take care of the issue but no one ever came. I had to go to the lease office to speak with someone only to be told that "ants aren't really a problem you can get them anywhere, I could understand if you had roaches". WHAT??!?!??!. I left the office then called to asked for the management phone number. Once the lease office got wind of this an emergency call was put in to have a terminator sent. I hope whoever reads this gets the drift the houses are very old. When the people came to check the carbon levels in our home we were told that some homes have 80 years old furnaces in them (dont know if its true or not).The maintenance workers are very sloooooooow and have terrible attitudes ( except for 1 gentlemen). The only way to get any maintenance done in a timely manner is to threaten to call the management headquarters. Other maintenance issues i've had were pipes leaking, both toilets broken, dishwasher and fridge problems the list goes on but fails my memory at this point. Thank God my father is a handyman. This was my fist time moving, not a bad move for a first home since its a townhome but considering what you pay for rent I say spent a few more dollars a month and live somewhere else and aviod the headaches. Cant wait to get out of here!
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Fairways Ridge Apartments

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