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5902 Cross Country Boulevard

Baltimore, MD 21215



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CoucaRacha • Resident 0 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/09/2011
SECOND UPDATE: For the last couple of months, the managers at Fox Glen have improved the general appearance of the complex. All the buildings have been power-washed and repainted. All the stairwells and apartment doors as well. The landscaping and cleaning crews have always done great job and they continue to do so. The final result is quite pleasing. Please <u>proceed with caution</u> if you are planning on making this community your new home. Do <u>NOT</u> sign a lease for an apartment on the <u>first floor</u>: you will end up in the basement. An apartment on the second or third floor should be fine. Why have I changed my tune, you may ask? The answer is quite simple, really. <u>There has not been any flooding incident for almost 4 months!</u> Not having to feverishly mop the laundry room and kitchen floor is a great relief! Though <u>the use of the dehumidifier and water remediation packets is still necessary</u>, life as we know it has improved. The <u>dripping shower head</u> was fixed on several occasions by the maintenance staff. Unfortunately, the dripping would resume a few days later. The solution? We stopped using the shower all together and take turns using the other bathroom. The inconvenience is minimal compared to the relief of not hearing the staccato drip-dripping of the shower. Still thinking of moving to this complex? Hope you know how to think on your feet ----------------------------------------- FIRST UPDATE: We solved the moisture build-up problem <i>ourselves</i> by <u>SPENDING $239 DOLLARS IN MOLD REMEDIATION</u> products manufactured by DampRid. We could not afford a brand new dehumidifier, so we purchased a used one for $40 DOLLARS. This noisy old machine does a fantastic job at removing the remaining moisture from the air. The property managers have added new employees to their maintenance staff. Though more pleasant than their predecessors, these gentlemen are just as <u>INCOMPETENT</u>. They keep trying to solve the immediate problem at hand rather than fixing its root cause. As a result, <u>the same incident occurs time and time again</u>. We have submitted 6 work orders due to flooding; 3 work orders for the dryer's exhaust pipe to be properly attached; 3 work orders for the dripping shower head to be fixed, 2 work orders for the washing machine to be fixed. We are counting the days till we can leave this apartment complex. <u>SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE, CHOOSE ANOTHER COMMUNITY</u>. ----------------------------------------- ORIGINAL REVIEW: At first look, the Staff at Fox Glen seems very friendly and helpful. They are very persuasive and know how to lure you in. Once you sign the lease, you see a completely different side of them. They could not care less about their residents. For example, during our first month there, our apartment got <u>FLOODED 10 TIMES</u>. We would call for maintenance and, most times, they would not show up. When they finally did, they would do <u>SUBSTANDARD, PATCH-UP WORK</u> which would not hold up for more than a few days. By the third week, there was <u>MOLD AND MILDEW GROWING</u> in the carpets and closets. We had to <u>CALL THE CITY INSPECTOR</u> and threaten the Management Staff with a lawsuit before anything got done. We still have a few months left on our lease agreement but are already looking for another place to rent. I would <u>NEVER RECOMMEND</u> this community, not even to my enemy!!!
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Fox Glen

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