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Marlboro Classic & Redwood Square

410 West Lombard Street

Baltimore, MD 21201



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
I recently packed my bags and moved to Baltimore Maryland from NOVA about a month ago. Marlboro Classic was the last I saw of 7 apartments in one day. The brick walls and the 20ft ceilings sold me. After signing the lease I got a bit nervous and kept in mind that I was able to get out of it before my 30 days was up. The dinginess in the hallways threw me off, but after awhile it grew on me. I love my apartment and every guest I've had up to visit is awwwed by it. <br><br>The noise from the fire engines are obnoxious at times, but it's city life and the amount of rent is ok. Of couse I'd love to pay less, but if I were renting a one bedroom in Northern Virginia I would be paying 1200-1300 in the suburbs. Being on West Lombard I'm 3 blocks from jumping onto to the interstate (I work in Elkridge) and on the weekends when I want to grab a cab all I have to do is walk over to the Marriott. So far, I haven't had a problem with parking. I haven't bought a pass yet b/c I haven't needed to nor do I have to pay the meters unless I'm home a half an hour early from work. 50 cents every now and again to $110 or $140 a month is ok in my book. The only day I've had a problem with parking is on Saturdays, but luckily I can stay in Elkridge on Friday nights if I choose to and not have to worry about it. Some are not so lucky. Otherwise, I get up and pay the meter. <br><br>Last but not least, the Staff has been great to me. Always prompt and ready to help and I love their candy stash!<br><br>So... for me, overall it's a great experience and I absolutely love my apartment which is the idea because that is where I spend the majority of my time. <br>
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Marlboro Classic & Redwood Square

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