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Metro Pointe

6609 Eberle Drive

Baltimore, MD 21215



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
I don't want you to get the wrong impression. These aprtments are not what they lead you to beleive. In Fact they are far below. they are thives and they will have you think ing that you are getting high quality s*** when you aren't getting anything but s***. pardon my language. If you call and ask the people in the rental office, they are going to tell you that these ratings are coming from past residents that got evicted. i'm am here to tell you, they are lying. we are still living here only because of a contract. and if some are from people who were evicted. i don't blame them i wouldn't pay their sorry a**es either. i would rather be evicted. every thing the ratings and coments say are true. every last little thing. If you are new to Baltimore, please find another complex because once you move here you will want to go back to where ever you are from. I want to discourage you from moving into these apartments. these people need to be shut down. any problem you can think of it is here. let me explain to you how incompotent these maintenance men are <the doggone maintenacne supply room exploded> why and how on earth would the damn maintenace room explode? DUMD ASSES is why. Oh and don't forget about the people living up stairs from the maintenance room. (ALL THEIR STUFF GONE). Oh wait a minute. let me tell you how we lived in an apartment without a kitchen light for a month. not because we didn't pay BGE but the light blew out and we needed a new one. i came home one day and 5 maintenance men were standing around (3:30 pm) conversating like they were off duty. I had to walk over to them and tell them to go get the kitchen light that i had been calling about everyday. (LAZY!). it makes me sick to my stomach every time i think about how we pay their salaries and they still do nothing. i can't understand how an apartment complex like this is still up and running. maybe because they take up so much space, but they need to at least lower the rent at least $200 so the residents would be getting what they are paying for. i can get a better place to live on section 8. During the summer if you have the windows and porch door open, when the CSX train comes through you have to run through the house and close all of the windows and doors so the sound won't be like it's running directly through the house; glad i don't have any babies. the train runs at least 6 times a day and don't forget 3:00 am along with the mice literally screaming in the closet. Oh i can't forget to tell you about the looney people who live there taking fresh dumps in the hallway. and if you accidentally spill something in the hallway. don't worry they will leave it there for you to clean and if you don't clean it i will be there from the time you move in until the time you move out and probably two years after. i heard this place used to be nice. but i guess that was before the sorry a** property manager (Dione). Oh yes I'm giving names. He doesn;t know what the hell he is doing. The lady in charge of the maintenance department probably left beacuse she was about to go crazy from everyone in the entire complex calling about mice, and broken appliances. i know she was cursed out everyday. a neighbor of mine got carbonmonoxide poisoning because the contractors that they hired to install individual gas lines left the lines unattached. which leaked enormous amounts of gas into the apartment. Can you guess what they got for thier compensation? $20 gift card to GIANT. WOW one of the most expense markets in the city. that's two bags of chips and a 2 liter. I don't even have to use the phone to talk to my neighbor i can just talk though the wall. once me and my roommate were joking and playing around. when we imitated a Mad TV series where a cop and a robber was yelling at eachother "PUT DOWN THE GUN!! well the nieghbors called the police. 10 minutes later when we had stopped playing, 5 police came banging on the door with guns out and everything; telling us to get against the wall becuase they got an anonymous call saying that some one said "PUT DOWN THE GUN". but wait i don't talk to my neigbors because they all seem to have mental problems. one time i seen the little girl that lived next to me come out side on the porch and just pee, she let it run on down the side of the porch. a couple days later i was around the courner and i saw her pull her pants down and pee on the side of the biulding. she must have been marking her territtory. the only thing that does s*** like that is wild animals. i might as well go live in the damn jungle. So if you still want to live here bring your bleach, cat, mousetraps, more mousetraps, super quite voice, all types of light bulbs, cell phone because we don't even have telephone jacks in the apartment, plaster in case you bump the wall, a stove, a refigerator, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer. Oh and make sure that you have minutes on your cell phone because you are going to burn your phone up calling and calling and calling the rental office. all they are going to do is laugh at you when they leave for the day with your s*** still broken and the mice sitting on the couch watching TV with you, or brushing thier teeth while your on the damn toilet.
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Metro Pointe

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