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Olde Forge



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Jnjonjo • Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/22/2016
All that glitters ... I have to say, the staff go into great effort to deceptively present the property as clean and well maintained. They bank on the fact that the area as a whole has little to offer as far as quality rental property goes. My townhouse was infested with black mold which I came to discover was a perennial problem in most of their homes. They would cover this up with afresh coat of paint and by the time your realize what you walked into ...its too late. My Son was constantly having respiratory distress which has abated since we moved out of that Zoo. Speaking of Zoo, the place is infested with all sorts of wildlife that would put the Bmore Zoo to shame. I mean, Snakes, huge spiders and mice are a constant feature year round. The manager, (cant recall her name - African American), who has honed her lip service skills and is quick with a joke or two has zero follow up on your cocerns. The say they will fix something and it takes forever. This place is a slumlords boot camp. So folks, that is what you will get for your guaranteed to increase $1600.00 rent . I forgot to mention that the place is over run by un-parented and unsupervised kids. They trawl the property and do not even move from the road. The place is as ------ as you can imagine ... but with glitters with well manicured grass.
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Olde Forge

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