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residentreviewer2 • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/09/2013
This place has the worse management team ever. They lure you in by showing you their nicest unit available and tell you everything you want to hear but the minute you sign the lease they forget about you. The townhouse I have is rundown, stains all over the carpet, dents in the wall, bathroom mirrors are filthy with dirt and there several cracks and air leaks by the windows. My window sill at one point was acutally following off from what looked like a horrible maintanence job using tape. Took 3 weeks after I put in the request and 3 phone calls later to get that fixed. My bathroom sink is constantly clogging along with my bath tub. The first month of living there my dryer didn't work because the air vents were so fitlhy and clogged with lint that heat wouldn't get through and my clothes got musty and smelled rotten afterwards. They came by three times to "fix" the dryer for three weeks, in their eyes fixing it was cleaning out the duct which did nothing because everytime they came back there was even more lint and dirt than the last time. They finally hired a contractor 4 weeks later to clean out the lint and the dryer works, but the musty smell is still there. Lets not get into the bug problem I have currently, Ants coming in from the cracked floors, and my most recent problem stink bugs that are coming in from the cracked window sills and spiders. I've been asking for an extermintor for almost a month and a half now and was promised that they would come in April to fumugate the place but of course they never showed and when I called the apartment complex to get a response as to why they never did of course, so I still have bugs and spiders, and a wasp nest right on top of my entry door, that I have to pass every time I have to open my door, I'm sure there will be liability issues if I get stung, which I probably will since they refuse to do anything in a timely manner. But don't worry because if you have a problem with your rent payment, as in when I called them to tell them they charged me too little for my first month's rent they quickly made sure to tell me to pay the whole amount and got it rectified in 10 minutes, but living with ants, stink bugs and wasps aren't enough to worry them. I'm from a corporate company, and thank god I only need to be here temporarily and I am sure I will tell all the other corporate workers that come by to stay away. Stay away from this place it's nothing but a headache with the worse management possible.
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