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Perry Hall Apartments



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seanryan52 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
For the most part, these apartments were ok. The rent was pretty reasonable for a two bedroom - that is until they jacked it up at a lease re-newal. Maintenance responded quickly when they were needed. Weird things about this place:<br>1) One washer and dryer for two buildings.<br>2)No dumpsters! Trash room was in the laundry room, which stunk to high heaven all the time. I am just glad that we did not live in the same building as the dumpster room.<br>3)Manager at the office was very cold and pretty rude at times, Judy I believe her name is.<br><br>Now for the really bad parts:<br>1) We broke our lease due to purchasing a house and needed out early. Had to pay a 2 month's worth 'penalty' to break out of the lease.<br>2)They sent us a letter stating that we damaged the carpet from wear and left cat urine stains when we didn't own a cat. So now they are requesting $700 to replace a carpet that was stained since before we moved in. BTW, we took a black light and found hundreds of pet stains throughout the apt a few months after we moved in, we were disgusted, but never mentioned this to the office.<br><br>Bottom line, this place WILL try and get every last penny they can from you. Oh and we are NOT paying for a replacement carpet since by law, apt rental places are supposed to replace the carpet every two tennants.
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Perry Hall Apartments

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