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Taylor Park Apartments

35 Mopec Circle

Baltimore, MD 21236



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kakrum • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2007
this might save someone some time. First of all the rental agent (when she finally got off the phone) refused to let me look at the model until I gave her my phone number. It was the only piece of information she wanted. I refused since I don't give my phone number to salespeople and said I would be glad to provide it if I decided to apply. After a rather prolonged argument she wanted my license instead - and then proceeded to show me around...the office where we were sitting. I really couldn't picture furniture or determine whether my things were going to fit from looking at an apartment furnished as offices, and the balcony was tiny and fully one-third of it was taken up by an A/C unit sitting right on the balcony, not in the closet. Having dutifully read everyone's reviews I asked about any recent crime on the complex. I was told to ask the local police department and that they have a security vehicle that rides around at night. That really was the deciding factor for me despite the statement it's just a convenience for the tenants, I don't think a management company isn't going to pay for security unless they need to. <br> <br>I pressed them on their policy about rodents since 3-4 reviews mentioned it. I was told in no uncertain terms their policy is that they will call an exterminator for mice. I made sure to ask about that because I lived on the ground floor of another nearby apartment that had mice, and they kept telling me they didn't exterminate for mice. So I'm not sure I believe these people when they say they do. This was obviously not a professional rental agent but just some young weekend person with not a lot of answers but not the wherewithal to say "I don't know." I never like to see that because weekends are when people look. Anyway I hope that info helps someone
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Taylor Park Apartments

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