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Thames Point Apartments

1900 Thames Street

Baltimore, MD 21231



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 05/21/2005
I lived at Thames Point 2 seperate times: 1996-2000 and 2002-2003. In general I liked my apartment but there are downsides:<br><br>Upside:<br>1. Location- Great part of Fell's Point. 1-2 blocks from restaurants/bars/water taxi etc. Nothing like being able to get up on a Saturday morning to eat breakfast at Jimmy's or the Blue Moon Cafe or come home to a half-price burger at Koopers. If you work at Hopkins Hospital, it is asn easy drive- although you COULD walk the 1.5 miles to JHH, you would go through some dicey streets and I would avoid it.<br><br>2. Parking- you get access to an offstreet lot which means that you have no problem with parking- however if you have friends come over, they can't park in the lot and need to find street parking which ranges from mildly annoying on weeknights to impossible on weekends.<br><br>3. Quirky feel- it is an old factory converted into apartments. It is not sterile and has a unique charm- especially on the water.<br><br>Cons<br>1. With rent hikes, the diversity of the people who live there is changing- and maybe not for the best. Let me explain: When I first lived at Thames Point in 1996, there were still a number of older people who had lived in the building since it was first renovated, the rest of the people were nurses, med students, residents, fellows from JHU, professionals who worked downtown and a few young married couples (not many children). With the rent hikes, the "old timers" on fixed incomes have moved out and more younger people have moved in. In the process the building has taken on a bit more of a post-college quasi frat-house feel. The apartment parties a a bit more beer soaked than in the past and the place has lost a bit of its sedate charm.<br><br>2. Construction- Yes the walls are paper thin, which can be a problem for noise if you live next to someone loud. However the ceilings/floors are concrete and you never hear someone above/below you.<br><br>3. Noise- If your apartment faces Fells Point and the park, you will hear the partying in Fells Point at night as well as cars driving on the cobblestone street. However the other apartments don't have much of a noise issue as Thames Street "dead ends" at the Thames Point parking lot so there is not much "thru traffic" by car or people on foot from Fells Point.<br><br>4. Flooding- Yes with a heavy rain Thames Street floods which can be an issue if you parked your car on the street instead of the lot. In the 5 years I lived in the building the first floor was flooded once (Hurricane Isabel- GET A FLOOD RIDER ADDED TO YOUR RENTORS INSURANCE IF YOU LIVE ON THE FIRST FLOOR- TOO MANY PEOPLE LEARNED THAT TYPICAL FLOOD INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER A FLOOD!!!!!!). Additionally 1 other time the water got into the front lobby of the apartment, but did not flood any apartments.<br><br>5. Upkeep- I would like to see the rent increases put back into upkeep of the building. It is staring to show its age- it's not run down, but certainly less attractive than when I first moved in in 1996. The maint. staff is well-intentioned, but I think a bit understaffed.<br><br>Response to some other comments I read:<br><br>1. Safety- I never felt unsafe the entire time I was there. I would not let this concern anyone. Yes the parking lot guards do like the ladies and chat them up while they walk from the lot to the apartment, which could "creep" some people out. However unless the guards have changed (Mike and some other guy whom name I forget), they are harmless and well-meaning.<br><br>2. Price- Yep it is steep, but the other choices for apartments in the area are no cheaper (Shipyard in Canton, Henderson's Wharf in Fells Point which being converted to condos; Tindeco in Canton...can't think of others)<br> <br>My overall take: <br>I liked living at Thames Point- so much so that I moved back a second time when I came back to Baltimore. However my second stay was not as nice as the first time. Still it is a great location, safe and if your neighbors are med students or residents, they won't be around much to make noise for you.
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Thames Point Apartments

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