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Seasons at Bel Air



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2007
I lived at Seasons at Bel Air for two years. <br><br>My second year there, they decided that they wanted to hire a tow-truck driver to tow cars away for some reason or another. Now, mind you, they DO NOT HAVE PARKING PASSES OR VISITOR PARKING PASSES, so the driver had no idea which car belonged there or not. My car was towed illegally, held at ransom for $225, and to get my money back, I HAD TO SUE THE TOWING COMPANY. Guess what? I WON. The worst part? The complex managers VERBALLY REFUSED TO MY FACE to help me get my money back after and their corporate managers would not return my phone calls.<br><br>I wonder why they never did anything about my neighbor parking his motorcyle on the stairs next blocking the steps to our building then? Hmmm...<br><br>One knock suffices before the workers come walking in. One time I was in my underwear and had to yell at them to get out because I guess they didn't know they needed to leave when a tennant is standing there in her underwear infuriated?<br><br>Mold is an issue. I notified the health department. They also do repair work starting at about 7AM, health dept also notified. Termites lived in the structure of my building and exploded by the hundreds from cracks in the walls BOTH springs that I lived there. REFUSED to come look at them, and took forever sending someone to come kill them. Ants also live in the structure of my building and came out of the hole in the line that the gas line fed through. Also not a priority for them to come and fix.<br><br>My neighbors below me were drunk and fighting all the time and the police were dispatched to their apartment more than four times (I know because I called two or three of the times) because one was attacking the other or trying to break the sliding glass door with a t-shirt full of rocks because one had locked the other out for some reason. I notified the manager each time the police arrived to their apartment, after four times, they kicked them out right? NOPE. Seasons at Bel Air truly has your safety in mind!
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Seasons at Bel Air

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