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Lighthouse at Twin Lakes

11932 Twinlakes Drive

Beltsville, MD 20705



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
I have lived here for nearly six years and concur with most of what the previous reviewer stated.<br><br>When I moved in the manager was fantastic then a few years later AIMCO purchased the property. From that point on the property went downhill. I will give you an example: once every other year an exterminator would spray the bathroom and kitchen areas. That stopped. This year I received a notice that an exterminator was forthcoming. He never showed. I called the maintenance department and bottom line nothing happened. It’s a shame really because prior to this year I never saw a roach. Now there are roaches including silverfish everywhere. I did not know what silverfish were until I moved here. Granted the activity has died down but as roaches ‘rise and fall’ in cycles I am certain the situation has not been resolved. Just yesterday I saw a fat juicy one hanging out in one of the common areas.<br><br>I have an upstairs apartment. The black beam ceiling is what attracted me too. I received a notice that the roof was going to be repaired. The roofers arrived on the 1st of September and stayed the next week and the first part of the next. Everyday there was endless streams of roof dust that poured throughout the apartment. The dust made your skin itch, got in your eyes and destroyed computer equipment. After daily complaints the management finally sent out a letter indicating that the roofers would come into your apartment and clean up. Then during the last two days of roof repair they attempted to cover your furniture in plastic. Unfortunately it was too little too late.<br><br>A few months ago I asked management if the demographics of the property had changed. When I moved in a number of my neighbors were elderly or had lived here for years. That has changed almost completely. After doing a little research I have found that AIMCO is second only to HUD for Section 8 housing. The company also has some sort of a contract to provide housing for the mentally challenged and sex offenders.<br><br>As for the gang activity, I concur that there does seem to be young adults/teens who “control” certain buildings. The same young adults can be heard outside the building as late as 12 or 1 in the morning. There is gang graffiti at the bus stop locations, at the bottom of the stairs (where the lower level apartments are) there is drug paraphernalia and a few weeks ago while taking out my garbage I noticed a pre-teen smoking (I think) crack. Well, it wasn’t a cigarette.<br><br>The roaches, roof dust, loud noises – did I mention my license plates were stolen? My plates were removed from my car. I reported it immediately. The police found them a month later. It seems someone had committed a crime in Charles County and my tags were on the car. Where was I? Roaches, roof dust, loud unruly adult/teens, car break-ins, non-existent maintenance and incompetent staff, I can not in good conscience recommend this property. <br><br>Instead I advise you to steer clear of this place.
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Lighthouse at Twin Lakes

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