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Lighthouse at Twin Lakes

11932 Twinlakes Drive

Beltsville, MD 20705



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
We lived in Lighthouse for 2 years and we were so glad to get out of it in Dec., 2006. You might ask, why we signed our 2nd year lease if it is so bad. Well, it does locate in a convenient location for us because we need to commute to Baltimore and College Park everyday and it is located right at the middle. But we couldn't tolerate it anymore.<br><br>1. Tones of roaches: we started to kill roaches all over the apartment from the first day we moved in. The number was about 10~40 per night when we were at home. The roach population explodes during summer season. We cleaned up kitchen right after we use it and there was no single drop of food residue left on counter and stove, but it doesn't help. We have to keep all our food, dishes, seasonings, and food containers in sealed boxes and plastic bags in living room all the time. The apartment couldn't deal with it and they always told us that's because our neighbors are dirty and nasty.<br><br>2. Utilities: We needed to pay more than $40/month water bill for our first year. We used to share a house with other 3 people and the total water bill for 5 people was about $50 every 3 months even in the summer. We argued with the apartment managers and they said that's what we used. What the hell that we suddenly spent so much water?<br><br>3. Dishonest: We needed to pay heat water garbage fee for our 2nd year lease. They sent us a notice that this utilities bill would be capped to $75 ~ $128 based on our apartment size. We asked them how much it would be for our apartment and they confirmed that's $100. On the date we moved out and turned in our keys in Dec. 2006, they told us that we still have one utility bill need to pay and which is about $96. But after 1 week, they decided to charge us full amount for 2 months and that's about $300. They don't want to give us any detail information of these 2 utilities bills. It shouldn t be that much based on our previous record even for so-call "full amount". We told them about this "cap policy" and they denied that there is ever a "cap policy" exist. When we checked our 2nd year lease, we found that they played a trick on it. They didn't really write this cap policy on it. All we have is the notice from them and the record of equal or less than $100/month we paid in the past, but we don't know if these have any legal power.<br><br>4. Garbage: The garbage bins are over-flow several days per week. The recycle bins are full or over-flow most of time. We are environmental friendly and do recycle all the time, but we could see the recycled stuffs we squeezed in several weeks ago. It is still full with same stuffs after we asked the manager to deal with it several weeks.<br><br>5. Animal feces: You can find dog feces everywhere, especially around parking lot. It is so easy to make yourself smell like dog poo if you don't watch your step when you walk.<br><br>6. Noise: Our upstair neighbor always let their kids running and jumping in the house from 6 or 7 am to 10 or 11 pm, especially in the master bedroom. If you live close to the Fitness center, you get the chance to enjoy the heavy bass music to midnight in the weekend. The managers said that they couldn't do anything for these 2 issues.<br><br>7. Maintenances: Terrible, terrible. When we moved in, there are so many broken and unfunctional stuffs, including the fridge door and shelf. We filled everything in the move-in inspection list and also call them several times to fix those problems. They didn't do anything for 6 months and we had to use a fridge unable to close its door for more than 6 months. The kitchen sink is always leaking and it floods several times. The first time it burst, we kept calling and it took them 4 days to response to our call. Can you image that we have to use bath tub to wash our dishes and vegetables for several days? They couldn't really fix the problem because it is still leaking all the time after they finally sent somebody to fix it. We have to keep a big bucket under the sink to collect the water all the time. Our bath tub was clogged when we moved in. It could accumulate water to 20 cm depth during showering. We called and called many times and it took them several weeks to send one person to check it. But he didn't fix the problem. Finally we went to buy some tools to deal with it and found a key chain stuck inside. By the way, you will experience un-predictable water shut off several times. Sometimes it is in the morning when you wake up and you find there is no water to use. Sometimes it is in the evening after you get home, and you find that you couldn't make dinner.
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Lighthouse at Twin Lakes

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