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Lighthouse at Twin Lakes

11932 Twinlakes Drive

Beltsville, MD 20705



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2007
I thought I had found a gold mine with this place. Location was great, the staff seemed nice... then in one instance it changed! We put a holding fee down on a specific apt. and then it was no longer available. 2 weeks later they had us sign another lease for a different apt. Guess what? No longer available. We told them we were going elsewhere and then POOF they had an apt. for us! From day one we had bugs... from ants, to flying insects, to tons of roaches! They have Ehrlich here every monday trying to combat them, and it's useless! There's no controlling them! I've spoken to several other residents in other buildings and they say they have the same problem. Every time of day, in every room... ROACHES. And it doesn't matter how clean you are, believe me! Granted we have never been a victim of crime or vandalism, this place still isn't worth the money. The trash is ALWAYS overflowing, but i do blame that on tenants. There could be plenty of room in the dumpster but they still throw it all around the parking lot. Plumbing is a joke! There have been several times the water pipes have burst and we have gone full days without water, without assistance, or even some kind of notice! We shower with water up to our shins, cause the bathtub is so clogged! I can bleach the toilets on Monday, and there's mold growth on them by Wednesday! A neighbor of mine had her bathroom pretty much removed and they found MOLD EVERYWHERE! They offered her a free months rent, thank goodness her lease was about up! Every Saturday there is LOUD music playing from the pool area... VERY LOUD!!! And I can hear water running, footsteps, chairs squeeking from every apartment surrounding us. I will say everytime we have called maintenance they come fairly quickly. Not always done right the first time, but done fast. And the utility issue is a huge one! Your first year here, your utilites are capped at a reasonable rate. (One thing that sold me here) But what they don't tell you is that it is only for year one. On the lease renewal it then tells you oh by the way, instead of $100 it's going to be nearly $400! You could live in a much better place for that amount! The management team has changed so much and so often, I honestly couldn't tell you who runs this place anymore, or even who I give my rent check to every month! One last note, parking is horrible. If I come in after 7pm... I've got to park on the other side of the property. I may sound like a person scorned but this is no paradise! Look elsewhere... we finally did!
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Lighthouse at Twin Lakes

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