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10407 46th Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705
10407 46th Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705

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Resident 2011 - 2012 Recommended

Reviewed 03/17/2013

Hello- There hasn't been a review for this place in some time, so I thought I would give an update. I lived here from Dec 1st 2011- Dec 1st 2012. I moved out roughly 3 months ago and haven't gotten around to writing a review until now. I only moved out because I was taking a job in VA and moved in with my boyfriend. This place was great! This apartment complex is hidden and definitely a secret. From the outside the complex is small but well kept. The grounds, parking lot, and building shared areas are clean and in good condition. They plant flowers, mulch, sweep, and just genuinely try to take care of the exterior. Inside: The buildings are older BUT don't let that discourage you. Since they are older I think they are built better and more solid. Seriously, I lived there for a year I only heard my neighbor above me probably 1-2 times. I never heard my neighbors surrounding me. No TVs or anything like that. Very well built. There is carpet, a dishwasher, garbage disposal, self controlled heat and AC, all the basics. Washer and dryer are in the building, usually on the bottom floor. Also, rent inlcludes water and gas! How great is that! This complex is in the older part of College Park/Beltsville so it looks a little 'rough' and as a single woman I was a little worried at first. I never had any issues though. It's just like living any where else in DC. The parking lot and the entrance to the buildings are well lit. I never felt worried walking from my car to the building or anything like that. I never saw any violence or break ins. All the cars in the lot were always ok. The crime rate in the surrounding neighborhood seemed ok too. It only looks a little sketch because it's behind a strip mall type area. I do wish they had secure access to get into the buildings but that is just a personal preference. Also, the complex was very quiet for the most part. Never any rowdy parties or anything like that. You get your loud group of teenagers or stoop dwellers every now and then but nothing more serious than that. I never felt unsafe. By the way though, having the strip mall so close was great. There was a Petsmart, Rite Aid, a PNC bank, nail place all within walking distance. If I needed shampoo, milk, or a snack it was great to be able to walk right down to rite aid and get it. I did that often. I also never saw any bugs, mice, or any other creatures in my apartment. I keep my place pretty clean too, but I never saw anything. Maintenance was awesome as well! Randolph was always speedy and helpful. If I ever had something go wrong he was there within 30 min or less and it was fixed. I did have issues with my thermostat a couple times and some paint issues in the bathroom. Nothing major though, and honestly they were fixed right away so it never became a big deal to me. Stuff breaks, it's going to happpen. But the response time was so fast that if something broke it wasn't a big deal because it was fixed later that day. That is also due to the awesome office Manager Michael. He is very nice. He was very upfront with me through my whole process of living there. He always kept me informed of stuff going on in the building and I always had a nice chat with him whenever I went down to the office. He is a very nice and straight forward guy. As long as you are honest with him and let him know what is going on he'll try to work with you, at least that is how I felt. In conclusion, this is a great place. It's hidden off the beaten path but it's still a great little place. Especially, since all the other apartments in that area are like 1,800.00 for a 600ft poorly built studio. I paid 1,000.00 for my 1 bdrm which included water and gas. It was quiet, has all amenities except a w/d and Oh yea, my apartment was 900 ft!! It's a steal. The customer service there is great too. Pay your rent on time and you will have no issues. They fix any/all your maintenance requests, and the grounds are pretty. Pharmacy/convenient store within walking distance. I enjoyed my time here and would 100% recommend this place to anyone moving to the area.
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