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The Mark at Brickyard



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
The two stars is my generous rating. I live here currently, and I regret not preparing myself to move while I still had the chance. I'm at the end of my lease, and I'm thinking about all of the things that have changed here since I moved in a year ago and the things that were promised to change, and never did. On a positive note, it looks very nice. Beautiful building. Decently kept. Zero mice. I've seen one huge roach since moving in. Seriously, it had wings it was enormous. But it's clean enough. I feel safe. Every floor is secure. You have to have a fob to get on to any floor from the outside. People are friendly. There is no predominant race here. Parking isn't a hassle, though the garage door randomly stops working every once in awhile. The 24 hour emergency maintenance has saved us multiple times. The gym is a highlight for me. The computer room is helpful to have. That's about where my list of good things to say ends. Since we moved in, there has been SO much turn over with the leasing staff that I can't keep up with who I'm dealing with down there anymore. There has been ZERO communication with the residents about the changes that are being made so we're basically all just finding out about things as they become different. When I moved in, the staff downstairs was amazing. So incredibly attentive and helpful. That isn't the case anymore. What I've noticed with my little interaction with the new leasing crew is that they aren't concerned with fixing issues for the people who live here. Ordering packages here has always been a little inconvenient, as the only way that things can be delivered is by curriers coming in through the leasing office which closes at 6pm (technically. I've gone down there at 5-5:30 within the past few months and the office was dark and locked). So, if USPS, FedEx, UPS or whoever is delivering for you shows up after 6pm, you're not getting your things until the next day at the earliest. When I first moved in, there was a large television screen in the mail room that showed which apartment in the building had a package to pick up from the office, and we would have an e-mail and text message sent to let us know that we had something to pick up. The large TV screen is still there, but it's blank. And there is no communication between the staff and us to let us know that we have something to go down and pick up. There are NO stores close by, regardless of what they tell you when you come for your tour. You have to drive for ten minutes to get to the closest gas station. I said that to say, you end up shopping online a lot living here, because of how isolated this apartment building is. But good luck getting the things that you order on time, because it's a hit or miss these days. The communication is just so off. Months ago, my door mat disappeared. I looked around in the hallway and everyone else's was gone, too. When I went downstairs to ask where it'd gone, I got one answer from a staff member that there was a new rule that no one was supposed to have a door mat anymore. Had that been communicated, through an e-mail or posting in the elevators, we all could've just brought our door mats inside instead of losing them and however much we all spent on our door mats. I was told that it would be returned eventually, but it never was. The theater room doesn't work. When I asked a staff member how to change a channel or pull up a streaming app on the smart tv in there, I really got a blank face and "oh I don't know how to work that tv" as a response. ...okay, so why is there such a high amenity fee to live here and can we all get that partially refunded The courtyard is beautiful, but the fire pits haven't worked for the entire year that I've lived here. They aren't even trying to get that together. The elevator coming in from the garage was just broken for a WEEK. And they have the nerve to want to RAISE my rent for me to renew my lease. When I have less use and convenience than I had when I moved in. It's not unlivable here, by far. But you definitely pay more than it's worth. I'd recommend you take your business elsewhere.
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Hello, we are saddened to hear that you had a negative experience with us, but are glad you brought this to our attention so that we can address it with you, and improve it for others. As we take every tenant or prospect's concern very seriously, it's important to us to make sure we are able to speak with you and assist in the best way possible. We will be happy to discuss your concerns further. Please call us at (240) 264-1508 or stop by the leasing office at your earliest convenience. The Mark at Brickyard

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The Mark at Brickyard

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