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Battery Lane Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
We have lived here more than a year, basically because of the location.Our neighbor in appartment abowe has some kind of night/evening work and often comes home at 1 am and makes our life a hell!!! We here very loud sounds of the closing (very loudly) kitchen cabinets,fridge,something falling on the floor, heavy walking at night - all above our bedroom. I hated it!!! When i was awake i could not fall asleep, when i was asleep i would certainly waike up because of these sounds. The walls are so thin, that i could almost here the conversations they were having up there!!! Kitchen is old, small and poorly configured; kitchen cabinets are old and dysfunctional; there is not enough place for two people there. Bathroom is small and management has not been very responsive to fixing things properly (like broken/cracked toilet, doing something with that MOLD!!!!); The walls and window in the bedroom were constantly covered by mould. Even though i would clean and scratch it off every evening, it would never come off. It would be back shortly!! Shure it is mold!! It's a living organizm!! We complained about that,and somebody came in and painted it over!!! Can you imagine that? That was the solution to the problem, putting some paint on top of the mold. Of course it was back in a weeek! We are moving out and i am not going to clean it! Laundry facilities are nearly useless- broken machines are not identified with loss of money- managment shrugs their shoulders at these complaints because it is managed by a third party- laundry water doesn't get hot enough to clean thoroughly, laundry room is dirty and not well cared for; storage bins are spacious but accessing them can be a pain, especially on short notice or over the weekend; The place is ful of kids and dogs! I am very afraid of dogs, and of course every time i am in the corridor one of them is running in the corridor and it will jump at me!!! Scared to death! It smells stgange in the corridor! Somebedy smokes marijuana on the ground floor!!!Other times other authentic smells would fill the corridor! I hate this building, and the management does not do anything!!
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Battery Lane Apartments

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