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Battery Lane Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Wow this place is a crap hole. Where to begin my long, long list of complaints. For starters, their parking situation is ridiculous. Sure, they have a parking lot, but they'll tow people who actually have parking passes before they tow those who don't. Of course, if you are lucky enough to get a spot, there's still the chance that your car will be vandalized - Aldon Management has actually had to hang flyers warning people that that has been happening. Here's an idea - get some security! Next, there's the issue of the appliances. Since we moved in, one of our stove burners has been broken. We've called maintenance several times, they come up, look at it, and tell us it will fix itself over time. Why yes, I have actually heard of appliances spontaneously healing themselves. No. Aldon Management is just run by idiots. Moving on to their glorious laundry facilities...it's a nightmare to actually time it right so machines are open. Then there's the issue of other tenants accidentally leaving gum in the washer. Fine, that wasn't Aldon's fault, but I have learned to very carefully check the machines before using them. As it turns out, not even that is enough, as the laundry machine somehow still ended up getting grease and black sand all over my laundry. I love paying to do laundry so I can turn around and pay more to re-purchase all of my clothing that this godforsaken place has destroyed. And the noise situation...well, as much as I love to hear the elephants upstairs stomp around at all hours of the night, I would actually rather get some sleep. Sometimes we're lucky enough that when they vacuum, we lose power. That's always fun. You can also hear the neighbors down the hall constantly yelling at each other (from what I've gathered, that woman has QUITE a colorful vocabulary, but she wouldn't need to use it if the man wasn't a lazy *insert colorful language here*). To add to the magic of this place, people smoke marijuana. All. The. Time. But no worries! If you call management to report it, they'll lie to you and tell you they'll be right up to verify your claim, then never show up. If you call the police, management gets very persnickety and angry. But hey, at least they have indoor trash rooms. Yes, they're always full and it's a nightmare to even get the door open most of the time, but if you can stand the stench that wafts down the hallway after you maneuver the door open, at least you don't have to leave the trash rotting in your own apartment. (If someone could tell my neighbors that, it would be wonderful. Every time they open their door, a wonderful combination of stale marijuana, cigarette smoke, and rotting trash that smells the way I imagine a decomposing body would hits your nose, and boy oh boy does it make you happy to seek refuge in your own piece of crap apartment, where at least that smell has to work its way under your door to penetrate). All in all, if you would like to waste thousands of dollars each month to live in a place like this, there's a dumpster outside where I've heard they don't even charge rent, but it has all the amenities of one of their apartments!
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Battery Lane Apartments

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