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Governor's Green

16501 Governor Bridge Road

Bowie, MD 20716



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2007
PROS:<br>-We got to see the ACTUAL apartment that we were moving into instead of looking at a model.<br>-Bowie is probably the safest that you're going to get in PG county, and other than a few car thefts that I've "heard about" on here, there aren't really security problems and definitely less than you'll find anywhere else (especially in PG). Car theft is something that unfortunately happens in almost every apartment complex.<br>-The apartments are really spacious, walk-in closets are HUGE, brand new carpets when we moved in, and -FULL SIZED washers and dryers IN the apartment (hard to find), which means not having to worry about dragging laundry to a laundry room.<br>-Parking RIGHT IN FRONT of every building. Not ALWAYS available, but I find parking right in front of my building at least 90% of the time. I've seen people complain about the towing, but if they didn't tow then RESIDENTS would never be able to find parking during dinner time (time when most people come home from work). <br>-Really quiet, almost never hear the neighbors unless my windows are open.<br>-Easy access to Rt. 50 and shopping (Bowie Town Center, Target, BJ's, etc.), but the light out of the complex can take a long time and the traffic on Saturday afternoons can get bad. <br>-Lots of storage and counter space in the kitchen. Everything is almost new.<br>-Have NEVER seen a cockroach, ants, mice or anything in our apartment (knock on wood).<br><br>CONS<br>-The rent is a little expensive, but you get what you pay for... the apartments are newer and WAY nicer than a vast majority of any other apartments in PG county. I would rather spend the extra $100 a month to be in a safe neighborhood in a nice apartment than in an OK, old apartment, and the 2br here are WAY cheaper than studio apartments in DC. <br>-Utilities not included.<br>-Maintenance can sometimes be a pain and you have to call the office a few times, but once they do finally come they do a good job. You might have to call them over and over again to get them to come out (unless it's an emergency).<br>-Check your bills. Our water bill has been wrong every month, but they FINALLY sent someone out who found that there had be a leak in the water heater.<br>-The office staff is extremely nice, but they aren't good at follow up calls when they say they will. You'll have to be a little persistent.<br>-Aren't enough dumpsters. Depending on which building you live in, you might have to walk across the courtyard to the other side of the parking lot to throw out your trash. <br>-If you want to get out of the lease, they'll charge you an arm and a leg. But, they do offer semi short-term leases (6, 10 or 12 mos).<br>-Watch out for dog poop, many residents have dogs.
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Governor's Green

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