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Hillside Heights



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tia18 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
since ive been there i can not say that my experiences have all been bad.The management has gotten alot better since erma left except for the ------ --- attitudes from the rent office.when we moved in the apartment still wasnt finished it took them a total of four months to even get started on the work. and even thought there are no pets allowed you end up with some that wont leave(mice &roaches)the ------ kind that home depot cant get rid of. soif you like to complain this is the perfect place.they act like they dont want to give out parking passes and your guest have to walk sometimes long distances to get to your apartment from the assigned guest parking. atleast now its safer to walk around even at night because the security patroll 24/7. there are no more people hanging around outside at all. lock up all personal belongings unless you are willing to share with the workers coming too fix things in your apartment they definetly have expensive taste. there are friendly tenants but dont expect to make friend with our new project manager.i do have to admit things have been better since he has arrived exceptfor the letters to the tenants that are written as if he is addressing two year olds. the management can careless about any of your problems but if you talk to the maintenance crew they will get the job done.Dont get to friendly because there is a member of the crew that is sexually frusterated and just cant be trusted with your daughters, wife, or girlfriends .
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Hillside Heights

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