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As a UMBC student, we stayed here because it was affordable enough, close to campus and the area seemed decent. Also, it was last minute and we needed a place so I guess we settled. When we moved in, I did not use my shower for months because it was pretty filthy. Our refrigerator started to not stay closed without our trashcan in front of it. Even though i am a college student, I do not like living near a a number of them. Next door neighbors seemed nice but they were loud often late at night. Even had parties, and if it was only a get together for a few friends, there was this guy who would always bang on the wall. They played music loud, laughed loud and talked loud. With all those friends, you would think they would rent a house or town house. One lady complained during one of their parties because she has a daughter and worked early in the morning. My bed room was on the other side and I could still hear them :/ Around 3 in the morning, two people were banging on our windows and buzzing constantly. First I assumed they were going to stop, that they hit the wrong apartment, but the window banging just bothered me. We were trying to sleep and I had work and school in the later that day. They sounded drunk.. The upstairs made constant noise that kept me up throughout the night or woke me up. I'm not sure if it was a dog or another animal. It stopped a bit when maintenance came to inspect apartments in each building ( do not remember why). Then it started again, I even recorded it, it was louder than normal footsteps.. Erin and customer service kinda pissed me off. We found a bigger place, 3 bedroom for $1300 and a large kitchen on the top floor at another complex. So I contact customer service months prior about having someone take our apartment over, they told us to talk to the leasing agent, it was back and forth; really. Then Erin finally told us. So we had people come and look, one lady was going to take it. The day she wanted it we called Erin, she said we passed the deadline which was the day before to fill out paper work. They left out information, like they did not want us to leave, why? Maintenance is okay, pretty timely. During the winter though they did not do a good job putting salt down, I slipped before work one morning and almost slipped many times. When walking with someone we held each other and walked very slowly. Its like they put a little but, even around the handicapped areas. I did not like parking. If I worked late or had class late, there was no parking. I had to park at different building. It could be 6:00 and no room for me to park. There were also two times when a car would sit in the same spot taking two spaces creating less space. One car was there for two months, the other a few weeks but we left so I'm not sure how long. Also, when our neighbors would have people over, they would use up the parking spaces.. I did not always feel safe alone at night.. Oh, my car and a few other cars were broken into :( Police were no help even though they should have been on camera. I liked how there was a secured door but it never closed unless you closed it yourself which people never did, so it was kinda pointless :( Having a washer and dryer was a plus, even though they were stackable. Still worked well enough. If you happen to rent here, look in the small room where the washer and dryer seem to be, because there might be a ton of dead bugs in there. The grocery stores were not very good. We always went to Ellicott City, Columbia or Elkridge. Not a lot of choices to be honest. I really liked Hunan Joy and Grilled Cheese and company. Highly recommend and its very close.There is a CVS and Walgreens 24 hours which is also nice. No problems with bugs too much, may have been a few cockroaches (ugh) though, pretty big spiders and grasshoppers. Being at the bottom level, it seemed very damp. My floor felt damp often and so did my clothes and blankets. I recommend a dehumidifier. Before we left, there was notice of rent increasing $25 more which isn't major but I'm sure it will again and again like most places. I hope it goes to updating some units. My room was so cold during the winter, I had to sleep with 3 blankets. Electricity was unusually high and some of the outlets were unusable, meaning, when plugging something in, it would just hang out the outlet. For a two bedroom, I would not pay more than $1250 under 885 sq ft. 1250.00-1450.00 are the current prices.. That's without utilities. Because we were students, we had a discount which was nice ( 5%) and you will most likely qualify if you pay months rent deposit( might not get much back or at all by the way) and the monthly rent. In a way I recommend this if you have to. I do not think I would recommend it to a friend. I would rent some place better and spit the rent. Some neighbors were pretty friendly and courteous though. Oh, there is a free shuttle to UMBC which is good If you are low on money or simply want to save, there is a nice community from the same company farther north called the Paths. Very nice and very safe near Hunt Valley for cheaper. Also an elementary school across the street. The school parking annoyed me though because there was lack of parking at the school, tons of cars had to park in the street which created extreme blind spots when leaving.I think that is being fixed as of now. Oh, the water is very cloudy and it dried our skin and hair. We bough a water filter pitcher and a shower filter that helped.

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