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Archstone Wisconsin Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/16/2013
Based on proximity to downtown Washington DC and the metro I was very excited to find this place. On my only visit it seemed nice enough since I was in NJ prior to the move. I had to communicate with the property managers through email but their long delayed responses and the numerous errors in the document should have been a clue to the poor experience I was about to undertake. Upon moving a week in a leak appeared in my apartment ceiling which I immediately reported, this fell on dears ears a week passed no response and the leak spread to the point of destroying large chunks of the closet ceiling. At this point they saw the damage but provided no resolution for two weeks. During this time I smelt toxic chemicals, dank air and inability to sleep in the bedroom from lack of ceiling. I had enough calling a locale housing authority for assistance. Finally I got a resolution of moving to another apartment that was smaller, lower floor, at the same price. I said are you kidding me? Finally I got them to reduce the rent by only $50 for all the hassle and a month of no resolution. This was especially tough with a new job, far from others to help and adjusting, the building didn't help. As time passed the noise of neighbors the foul smell of pot in the hallway, the unfriendly community made me resolve I need to move. As I tried to move instead of following my lease policy they raised my rent by $300+ dollars and made me stay two more months. The worst prt of this was they fired and replaced their entire staff with some if the worst , surliest, and least cordial people available. The worst of which is a lady named Brenda. Over a course of ten days I had to interact with her ten times. First she never remembered my name, she lost my dry cleaning, my amazon package, my renters insurance, nod several other items. All of this things made me hesitant about leaving my key with her at the end if my lease. So I asked for some level of assurance it would be acceptable to leave they key with her besides a half empty spoken promise. I asked for an email and instead of saying I understand or just okay, she snapped and sent me off in a rude aggressive manner. I was taken aback. The 13 months there were some of the worst experience I have had with renting.i use to dread staying at my place beyond sleep and dreaded living in DC. Since moving I have realized I enjoy DC and Ike being at home. I can point directly to this building and the staff as my reason for hating living in DC and now removing them has improved my quality of life greatly. I would suggest avoid this property and it's high un reasoned costs if possibly, the location to the metro is not worth it.
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Archstone Wisconsin Place

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